Sugoman Anime Masturbator

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“Very anime indeed,” – Hanna Play.


Text and photos: Hanna Play

Russian version

A compact box with an erotic drawing of a young girl, and inside a very simple masturbator that fits easily in the palm of your hand.

Beige, imitating painted skin, and only a hint of the realism of the vulva, is a classic among with this kind of toys. The relief inside is not particularly pronounced, rather a hint, which means it is ideal for penises with high and medium sensitivity.

The material stretches well, so that the device can be used to stimulate both the entire penis, even the most impressive sizes, and the glans.

Practice has shown that the masturbator itself is quite durable (it was enough for 7 active visits – nothing broke, nothing was erased).

There is no outlet, this has both pros and cons. On the positive side, there is a feeling of emphasis and resistance, savory sound in the process (if you add more lubricant) and, of course, a sucking effect. The downside is that it is not so convenient to wash it, and when drying it you need to turn it inside out.

– made in Japan;
– the price is about 800 rubles;
– there is a lubricant in the kit, for 2-3 times it will be enough for sure;
– looks neutral, without frills;
– fun packaging for connoisseurs of the genre;
– compact, convenient to hide, if needed;
– can be stored in a box, but I still vote for special bags or single socks.

Do not expect something supernatural from Sugoman Enjoy Toys, just masturbate for pleasure, or even better, do it in the company of your loved one.