Slow Sex: cosmetics to slow down

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The author of the telegram channel “Lena and Her Members” conducted a detailed study of cosmetics from the Slow Sex collection of the Bijoux Indiscrets brand.


Russian version

Text and photo: Lena and her members

I have a special place in my heart for cosmetics, which with all its appearance encourages to use it. When the hand itself reaches for the jar, when the process of applying the lubricant is more exciting than necessary. So, I hunted for the Slow Sex line fr om the Bijoux Indiscrets brand. Long before its appearance in Russia, I had already imagined the jars on my shelf, how I use them and how I get high fr om the process itself.

Beautiful design turns us into movie heroes every time. Not a cheap one, wh ere they saved on lubrication, but rather a beautiful erotic one with drops on misted glass and sensual sighs.

After the delight with the design, the delight with the positioning came. When I saw the Slow Sex line of cosmetics I realized: this is it! Each product is designed to slow down, dissolve in the process, contemplate what is happening. Body oil – to admire your shoulders. Gel fingering – not to forget about the foreplay. Balms – for the clitoris to smoothly stimulate and engage in the process. Because of the rush, we do not have time to live the moment, we skip the stages, but we need to relax and dissolve. Feel everything that is in this moment and enjoy what is happening.

This rarely happens to me, but I fell in love. Yes, so that at first sight. I was driven to the pursuit of this cosmetics by my own raging fantasy. I imagined how I put on shimmering oil before dates, how in the process everything smells coconuts, and we are like that in slow motion ... It looks quite like reality, by the way!

Hair and skin shimmer dry oil

Shimmering body oil is what I definitely associate with sexuality. I feel much better with glitter. It’s just like an accessory for your own skin. Moreover, it does not matter whether it peeks out of his clothes at work or flickers on a naked body. Shimmering oil is a product for yourself.

I began to use it every day on my collarbones and shoulders, applying it on my chest for dates. It improves my mood 100% if I am going somewhere or want to spend the day at home with myself. You notice shining in the mirror - and you immediately want to start admiring or dancing. It can be applied to my hair too, but it didn't really work for me: I have fluffy, lush hair, glitter is not for them.

The oil is absorbed very quickly and does not leave any marks on clothes. The maximum is sequins that migrate from the skin to everything around. Most likely, it is supposed to be applied to a naked body, but here my desire to shine everywhere played such a role. The skin feels nourished and soft. Smells like homemade coconut cookies and a summer evening (spoiler: I can say that for every product in the line).

The formulations are good: all components are safe for the environment? the glitter is natural.

Analysis of composition: coconut oil - base, isopropyl myristate - softening component, flavor enhancer, wax milkweed - forms a thin film (may be an allergen) ics – mica for glittering effect, silica – thickener, glycerin – softens and moisturizes, squalene – protects and strengthens hair, tocopherol acetate – protects against ultraviolet radiation, tin dioxide – increases viscosity, titanium dioxide – white pigment, beta sitosterol – stabilizes, soy glycine – regenerates the skin.

Finger Play Gel – a gel for fingering

The gel, called to slow foreplay and long caresses, could not help but win my heart. The lubricant has a thick texture, it does not dry for a long time and seems to tell you not to stop, but go on and on. The touches become smoother and more gliding.

Consumption is minimal due to the thickness of the product, there is no feeling that lubricant needs to be added every five minutes. I don’t like to use this miracle with toys: at least with hands. All manipulations feel much softer and more delicate than usual. I have a very sensitive head of the clitoris, and this tool just creates a film through which I feel no discomfort from friction. It also rhymes perfectly with rabbing – the rubbing of the genitals against each other.

The lubricant is ok to be licked off or used for oral sex when you want a minimum of extraneous tastes. It is barely sweetish, but more neutral. Ideal for those who do not want to change the taste of their partner's body.

It’s cool that the manufacturers took care of us and the cap for anal play is black, you won't mix up the means in the heat of the process.

The line is an eye-candy not only because of positioning and packaging, but also because of the composition.

Analysis of the composition: glycerin – softens and moisturizes, water – the base, aloe vera – heals and moisturizes, xanthan gum – forms a gel, carbomer – thickener, sodium saccharin – gives a sweet taste, coconut flavor.

Anal Play Gel – Anal Gel

Some brands flirt with the power of marketing and sometimes write “anal” on completely regular lubricants. I always keep my ears on top and immediately read the contents. Anal lubricants should have healing and relaxing ingredients in them, so as not to be an empty phrase, but to actually be beneficial when playing with a booty. Slow sex does not indulge in this: here are extracts of arnica, chamomile and aloe vera heal and relax.

The lubricant is thicker than what for the finger, like all other means, it smells of coconut cookies and whispers that the evening should be spent in his company today. The grease coats and glides on for a long time. Together with a good composition, it claims to be one of the best means for anal sex. I would especially warmly advise it to those new to booty games. The lubricant adjusts to the desired format of excitement and even the process of applying lubrication makes it a pleasant, not mandatory step.

Analysis of the composition: water – the base, glycerin - softens and moisturizes, aloe vera – heals, arnica – heals and has antiseptic properties, carbomer – soothes the skin, bisabolol – anti-inflammatory properties, sodium saccharin – gives a sweetish taste, maltodextrin – stabilizes, xanthan gum – thickens, chamomile – soothes.

Nipple Play Gel – nipple cooling gel

It would seem, there is no innovation – to make a gel for cooling nipples. No, most are still in sprays, dispensers. Here is the roller. This results in an immediate cooling effect on the nipples.

Every time my hand reaches for this jar, although usually nipple gels are not in the first three choices for me. But that frosted glass, rollerball and, yes, the coconut scent literally forces me every time.

I have taken nipple play to the next level. Primarily due to the effect. It is delicate and I would say playful than frosty-icy. You can kiss the nipples, the taste comes out sweetish coconut, and then the lips transfer the effect to other areas. At least one more scenario for a good evening.

Analysis of the composition: water – base, propanediol – softens and moisturizes, arginine – accelerates healing, hydroxyethyl cellulose – forms a film, sodium saccharin – gives a sweet taste, glycerin – softens and moisturizes, xanthan gum – thickener, caprylhydroxamic acid – preservative, menthol...

Mouth Watering Spray – moisturizing spray for oral sex

The crack on the spray reads: “Spray to activate saliva secretion”. And I was like: “Why, it was possible?” Especially when you are already significantly fed up with the tastes of oral lubricants. It turns out that yes, it was not just possible, but necessary. All this time.

The spray needs to be puffed literally 2-3 times, for a second your mouth will become a little orange-sour, and then it will be humid. Enough for a smooth blowjob, for wet kisses, and for people with a spit fetish.

This tool came to me because, as I said, I was tired of the sweet taste of lubricants and licking their sticky marks all over the place. The spray allows you to remove one of the barriers to sex – a substitute and a taste changer. The spray form is ideal. Rather, a freshener for the mouth and something unobtrusive, without yelling “Now there will be oral sex!”.

Analysis of the composition: water – the base, acidity regulator, potassium chloride – regulates the viscosity, sucralose – is responsible for the taste, potassium citrate – regulates the pH.

Clitoral Balm – balms clitoris Bad Day Killer (aniseed), Sexting Balm (with the aroma of spicy ginger), Ghosting the Remedy (with the scent of vetiver)

We've got three balms with meaningful names: Sexting Balm, Bad Day Killer Balm, and Bad Mood Balm. Use them also on occasion. Test the balm with one hand, sexting with the other or use another jar after work.

The texture of the balms is like a greasy lip balm. You need to apply a little on your finger and massage it into the head of the clitoris. The effect starts in a few minutes and is, oh, miracle, pretty delicate. High or medium sensitivity. The more of the product is applied, the brighter the effect. The piece is perfect for foreplay, solo play and tantalizing stories. I'm not sure if the power is enough to intensify an orgasm, but arousal definitely spurs on.

Balms are oil-based, so I don't recommend messing around with them using condoms. It is safe to put a little on the head of the clitoris and have penetrative sex, but you should not arrange direct contact with latex and balm.

Analysis of the composition: sweet almonds – nourishes the skin and moisturizes, cocoa – regenerates and softens, coconut – the base, squalane – softens the skin and enhances the aroma, caprylyl glycol – a preservative, beta-sitosterol – an antioxidant, cinnamic alcohol – a flavoring agent , citral – an antiseptic, limonene – preservative, shea butter – nourishes and moisturizes, candelilla wax – regulates viscosity, soy glycine – protects the skin, vanilla butyl ether – enhances blood circulation and gives a warming effect, tocopherol acetate – antioxidant, coumarin – flavor, linalool – flavor, eugenol – a component of essential oils, cinnamal is a flavoring agent .

Slow sex Full Body Massage – silicone massage gel

Do I have to say that ever since we’ve had Slow Sex, the smell of coconut has automatically been read as something near – sexual. The highest tower of sexuality is a silicone gel for body-to-body interaction. Ideal for rabbing and anything wh ere you need to slide over each other. It’s a pity for me to use a full body massage, so at home it’s for point interaction. For sliding the penis between the breasts, hands over the penis, labia over the penis, pubis or knee. Maximum slowing down and including in the here and now means. I want to turn on leisurely music, slide, touch, stroke. The silicone is not rinses off, so it can be used in the bath or shower. Sensations are at the cosmic level, when sliding and smooth sensations are maintained under water.

The minus of any silicone: it cannot be used with silicone toys. For me, this is a reason to do without devices, to be in the moment of skin on skin. But it's also a great option for glass or metal devices. They will add temperature games and broaden interaction variations. Have I already said that I am dying of the design of these jars? Frosted glass, handy dispenser – wonderful!

Composition analysis: cyclopentasiloxane – stabilizes silicones, dimethiconol – silicone base, dimethicone – softens the skin and creates a protective film, coconut flavor.

General conclusion on Slow sex

Yes, I fell in love, and so what? Hands automatically reach for these jars. I now have companions for any date and any leisurely interaction on my own. But our “friends” also have disadvantages!

The main disadvantage: the bottles are not expensive, but they are small. 30 ml bottles, which is quite modest by the standards of lubricants. Yes, they are thick and the consumption is small, but still... I can already see how I show all this line in empty cans. Actually, in small volumes and plus – you need to spend them fast because all this can be stored for no more than six months after opening.

The jars are comfortable and funky, I find it a bit difficult to open clitoral balms, but I suspect this is a problem of long nails.

I put 9.5 / 10 simply because I have been waiting for them and was not disappointed (and did not plan to be disappointed). If you want to buy something from the line, then I really recommend dry oil. There is no particular analogue of this product on the market, and it is superb. For number two we have a gel for fingering and a roller for nipples. Here, take what will be more relevant.

You need to hunt for these bottles, but it's worth it!

Intimate cosmetics provided for the test by Freud's shop.