Siren from Svakom. Test-drive

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When a sex blogger is “killed by a toy” is it good or bad? We are going to learn it from a fresh review from O-la-la.


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In a nutshell this toy from Svakom really killed me on the spot with its versatility and more. Now in more detail.

Siren is definitely not for hypersensitive girls, it certainly will not work as the first toy, there is so much power in it! It is ideal for sophisticated users and those who love something harder.

Material – smooth velvety silicone, pleasant to the touch. The toy is waterproof, which is very cool, because you can safely take it to the shower.

It is very quiet. Almost silent. And though the vibrations are powerful, they will not confuse with a violent growl.

Two motors. One in the round base, the second - in the petals. The head is very flexible, with its help it is easy to achieve a squirting orgasm, and also the clitoral one. And it skillfully adapts to the anatomy of the body, as if it was created for you. Squirt with Siren? No problem! This toy is definitely an assistant in this business! In general, a universal fighter.

Petals can very intensively stimulate absolutely any erogenous zone: nipples, hips, clitoris, base of the penis, and anything else, give free rein to your imagination.

The coolest thing is that the sensations depend on how strongly you press the zone with the petals. The closer to the end, the sharper the sensations, I would say – painfully pleasant. The closer to the base - and the sensations are saturated, powerful, bright.

Both engines have a speed controller, but the first one will not be the kind you are used for. The toy is really for sophisticated users. It starts working right away.

You need to use it with a water-based lubricant, it is a must, comfort is very important with such intense stimulation.

Siren definitely pleased me with its versatility. It can become a tool for a quick and bright orgasm or a tool of torture if a partner plays with you. For me the sensations were “on the edge”. Between pleasure and exquisite pain when the partner fully controls your pleasure.

In general, the unusual view of the toy absolutely accurately characterizes its function. It will definitely help to realize your fantasies and experiments.

Orgasms for everyone!