Simple dimple for an adult girl

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Vibroduck of Love tested the KOKOS SMON # 1 rabbit vibrator.


Text and photo: Vibroduck of Love

Russian version

If you do not understand what is written in the title – everything is fine, then you are definitely over 18 years old.

The KOKOS company pleased us with a pimpled vibrator from the SMON No.1 series made of liquid medical silicone. It comes with a charger, a case and a manual. As many as two motors, 10 modes, operating time – 5 hours. Length 21.5 cm, working length 14.8 cm, diameter 3.5 cm, additional diameter as much as 2.5 cm!


My first thoughts were not about the vibrator, but about a prison romance. Yes, yes, we all know these stories about metal balls in the shaft of the penis. And if it is unrealistic to have sex with such a “tuned” member. I have never had such an experience in my life, but since fate gave me such a vibrator – let's prove or bust this myth. Do bumps affect sensations and orgasm?

The size of the rabbit is impressive and slightly intimidating. It is long and widening towards the end, which is not very comfortable for insertion. I would have done the opposite, to be honest. The clitoral process with ears and a separate motor rests well against the clitoris. The ring handle will always be out of competition - nothing is more convenient yet. Having just one button was frustrating. I would like not to run through the modes, because there are two whole processes here, and it is insulting and sorry to waste valuable seconds searching for what you need.

Test Drive

Without good excitement and foreplay, you cannot jump onto such a thing. You need a lot of lubrication and maximum relaxation. Yes, such a vibrator fills up great! He managed to surprise me for the second time, being already inside me. I will certainly never forget him. The balls themselves stimulate everything that is possible – in a circle, along and across. For a more vivid sensation, I used a stimulating cream from Shunga “Rain of Love” for the G-area. And then sparks fell from my eyes as if from a welding machine. There was a feeling of awakening of absolutely all the nerve endings that were in me sleeping all my life. Miracle balls have awakened new possibilities and opened up a different path to pleasure. Having turned on the most powerful mode on two branches, I realized that the test drive would end in two seconds. And so, it happened! It was a fantastic leap into the universe and back.


The vibrator is large, so do not overestimate your capabilities, be prepared for difficulties with the introduction and adaptation to it. He may surprise after hundreds “rabbits” of the same type. Addictive. Makes you scream. The myth is proved!


The vibrator was provided for a test drive by the wholesale company Astkol-Alpha with the assistance of