Shiatsu Energizing Cream & Gel

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“I got hooked on these two gels because they have a good composition and have a cumulative effect. Then I’ll tell you about the differences”, – Lena and her Members.


Text and photo: Lena and her Members

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Gels and creams for additional stimulation are always very popular with me. Simply because this is a way to make sex more interesting even with an unfamiliar partner, when you are not yet used to each other's bodies and do not know how to make it cool. The second item is clitoral stimulants. I enjoy choosing the first speed plus a stimulant much more than poking buttons half a masturbation. Well, and, of course, for sex with partners with whom you have had sex many times – a way to make it more interesting.

Orgasm Cream by Shiatsu

The main thing with this product – it is for couples. Can be applied to the head of the penis, the head of the clitoris or the G-zone. The effect will be good everywhere. For me, for the first five minutes, it feels like a slightly cooling agent, which will continue to warm up and give off heat. In a set with toys, orgasm accelerates two times, and then the effect of heat does not subside, and very often I go for the second round, simply because the excitement does not let go. If you are prone to multiple orgasms, I recommend it. The partner also enjoyed it, he says that it feels like the vagina is hotter than usual, which is quite pleasant. If you use a condom, apply under the contraceptive and wait two to three minutes for the cream to absorb.

A friend of mine with a lower sensitivity tried it and felt nothing. As I said, this thing has a cumulative effect, so after five tests she started to feel quite a distinct heat and fell in love with the cream. So sometimes you need to live a little with him, give him a chance to open up. I advise those who want to slightly increase their sensitivity and those who like hot stimulation.

Stimulation Gel by Shiatsu

I did not immediately make friends with this gel. It gives almost instant heat and will not probably be liked by especially sensitive young ladies. I am an experienced tester and have tried different application zones. It was wonderful to apply it on the labia and areas around the head of the clitoris, but not directly on it. It turns out that the blood rushes and the excitement intensifies, but the clitoris itself is not enveloped in hellish fire. In fact, the advice will work with any remedy that feels overwhelming to you. The area between the vulva and anus can be applied to the labia. Near, but not in the center of action.

Alternatively, try it with fingering. If you take (or your partner will take) a bit of the product on your fingertips and start applying it to the vagina, it turns out that the product is evenly distributed in a thin layer. The process will feel brighter and more sensitive than usual.

As a result, I liked the cream a little more. It is more delicate and gentle. But I also found something to do with the gel. Choose according to your sensitivity and whether you plan to use the product with a man with a penis or not (if yes, then the cream is better).

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