Sex toys in movies and TV series

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For several weeks of self-isolation our author prepared a selection of TV series and films, where a sex toy is shown to the viewer quite directly. And not a realist, but quite a branded thing.


© Anastasia Karpushkina

Russian version

What TV show are you currently watching? And which one did you watch before?

The most interesting thing is that you, most likely, really began to remember the names of very specific pictures. I don't think there are still people who have never watched a single episode of any series in their life.

Of course, films are a full story, but they usually take at least an hour and a half, which you sometimes cannot spare. And a series is a small sketch of a big story. 20-40 minutes – and now you know new details of someone's life, while you were washing dishes or getting ready for bed. In addition, the scriptwriters of the series have the opportunity to show many everyday details that bring the picture on the screen closer to real life, allow us to associate ourselves with the characters and take an example fr om them. Not a bad channel for advertising and developing tastes, isn't it? Before you noticed, you are already staring at the same thing in the shop window, which the favorite hero of the popular TV show had.

On quarantine days, watching TV shows and films is sweet, so I picked myself one. The choice fell on “Billions”. This is a story about powerful people, the financial industry, big money and injustice. But something else got my attention me. In the 9th series of the 3d season I saw a very familiar little thing – it was a masturbator by Flashlight.

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It's hard not to recognize him! And when the phrase was heard that this model is a cast of the famous porn actress Lisa Ann, doubts disappeared altogether. My joy had no boundaries! It's great that popular TV shows begin to broadcast not only beautiful scenes of sexual nature, but also say that masturbating is normal: both for an ordinary employee of a huge financial company, and for the state attorney general. By the way in the other season they talk about this masturbator again, and in there are also a couple of interesting dialogues about lubricants and BDSM-themed rules.

But it's still worth starting with the classics – “Sex and the City”. Season 1 Episode 9 – The Rabbit Vibrator.

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Then episode 8 of season 4, Samantha and the Magic Wand.

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I cannot but mention the thematic series “Sex Education”, now there are two seasons, the third is being filmed. For example, a device for helping women with vaginismus, they can also be found in sex shops (Editor's note – a similar set is shown in the TV series “Unorthodox”).

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And this vibro-bullet from the same series resembles a toy in the Shunga set.

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The film “Ugly Truth” and remote-controlled vibro-panties Astrea I. The film was shot in 2009, unfortunately, so now I could not find the exact same ones on sale but it’s not a problem. The progress in the field of “distance” toys has gone far ahead, you can find an even better model.

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The movie “For a Good Time, Call...” and I think some of the early versions of the battery-powered Tiger toy from Fun Factory.

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I conclude the selection with the Russian film “Lovers” and the Fun Factory vibrator: silicone, rechargeable, magnetic charging, comfortable grip, beautiful design and bright color – a beauty!

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Of course, these are not all films wh ere sex toys are mentioned, lubricants and various topics are discussed. In addition, every year there is more and more such “exposure”. And this is grand, because it means that the taboo on the topic presentation in front of a mass audience is gradually being removed!

If you see in a picture frame, or hear an interesting thematic dialogue, send it via Instagrama direct to Sexshopers but rather shoot your stories and tag us! Let's make a collection together?