Senzi by Easy Toys

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Crochet hook? Thermometer? No, it's a vibrator! Our new author tested the novelty from the Easy toys brand.


Text and photo: Tanya Asharina

Russian version

The Senzi spot vibrator fr om Easy Toys (Ed: It's a new brand from EDC Wholesale) was different from anything I had tried before. I love big, powerful and loud devices that make my neighbors think that my house is being renovated using a drill, a screwdriver and an industrial vacuum cleaner. That is why I was driving home with a box in my backpack, thinking in anticipation of what this little friend could surprise me with. And now I will be glad to share my experience with you!

The plastic transparent box does not spoil the user with vivid photographs, but you can immediately see how the toy looks live. After unpacking, I couldn't stop twisting the Senzi in the palm of my hand. It fit SO perfectly into my hand that I involuntarily remembered passages from Harry Potter with the scene of buying a magic wand... “It is not the wizard who chooses the wand, but the wand chooses the wizard”.

The handle is made of the most delicate silicone, the upper part is made of smooth seamless plastic. Fingerprints remain on it, but they are not visible unless viewed under a magnifying glass. The charging socket is recessed from the bottom of the handle, the manufacturer promises full protection against water ingress. All control is done with a single button. It is easy to find it even in the dark. The red backlight not only informs about the battery charge, but also flashes to the beat of vibration during use.

The charging wire, along with the instructions, was carefully hidden in a plastic case. By the way, for some reason unknown to me, the case does not close completely. Judging by the photos on the Internet, this is a “feature”. It seems like a trifle, but this fact annoyed me so much that I twisted the lid to a terrible creak. However, in the end I had to give up. Not a bug, but a feature as they say. A piece of foam rubber is carefully placed inside the case, which protects the tip of the toy from impacts during transportation. The instructions reminded me not to heat the toy in the microwave or oven. Eh, and I wanted so much to do it...

We have 12 vibration options in our arsenal, but here it is worth noting that I did not notice the difference in intensity. Yes, there is a choice of waves, pulsation, and what I would call an automatic burst, but you will not find a weak, medium or strong vibration here – it is all the same. The noise is very quiet, which is not surprising when you look at the size of the toy. The vibration is really concentrated in the handpiece. Yes, it recoils but only slightly.

As for power, I would give it about 6 points out of 10. For a toy of such a small size, the indicator is very good. With a sensitive clitoris, I would hardly be able to use Senzi. My sensitivity is low, I have long and firmly got hooked on wands, and most often I use them at maximum power. So, with this little girl there are also orgasms, although it takes a little longer.

In general, the only reason Senzi hasn't become my favorite toy is that I never learned how to apply it exactly wh ere it should be. In solo it is not such a big problem, but in the process of having sex with a partner 90% of my thoughts were not about the pleasure I received, but rather like “Is she there? Or should it be more to the left?” I'm sure it's just a matter of habit. Most of the toys that I have in my arsenal have a wide area of impact on the clitoris, so you can't miss with them. I will definitely continue to use Senzi to unleash its full potential.

The toy was provided for testing by EDC Wholesale with the assistance of Soho Wellness, an exclusive distributor in Russia, and