Sensual massage oil from HighOnLove

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Blogger Alpha | Like adults talks about massage oil for those who are ready to indulge themselves and their loved ones in these difficult times.


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The Canadian brand HighOnLove specializes in high quality cosmetics with added hemp oil, and their “sensual massage oil” has a correspondingly luxurious composition: oils of sweet almonds, soybeans, grape seed, sesame, avocado and safflower, the aforementioned hemp seed oil, vitamin E and food flavoring... All of the above (with the exception of the fragrance ) nourishes, moisturizes and regenerates the skin. In addition, hemp oil relieves inflammation and pain, relieves PMS symptoms and menopause, and helps with acne, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. I won't say about PMS but I can confirm: for several evenings, just a couple of drops of HighOnLove have been saving my wrist with tunnel syndrome.

It doesn't sound too romantic, I agree. But as soon as you open the bottle, you feel the delicate, completely non-sticky texture and chocolate aroma of the butter - you practically forget about its many beneficial properties and understand why it was called sensual. If you don't like the smell of white chocolate, then you can choose strawberries with champagne or lychee with martini, but you want to apply any of these oils to yourself and to the person nearby. By the way, try to hold the bottle in hot water – the sensations will become even brighter. The taste, alas, does not correspond to the aroma, but kissing and licking someone or someone you are massaging can be fearless.

Can massage oil be used for sex or masturbation? The manufacturer is silent about this, but I would not recommend: not every edible oil is well perceived by mucous membranes, and latex contraception will not survive a meeting with such a composition. Limit yourself to tactile caresses – they are just as important as sex.

What else? Stylish pale pink with gold packaging (a decent gift!), Instructions in English and French. The volume of the bottle is 120 ml, and, apparently, these milliliters will last for a long time. Separately, I will warn you: under the lid, the bottle is closed with a small plastic stopper, which is easy to miss and wonder why the oil does not flow. Be careful.