Secret Affair and Sparkling Darling by Satisfyer

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Alina Shikut, the author of the telegram channel, compares two vibro bullets.

Text and photo: Alina Shikut

Russian version

A mini vibrator is as much a must-have for getting out of the house as a passport or condoms.

Vibro bullets are also suitable for morning face massage.

Satisfyer is a brand that does not spare the market, releasing powerful and cute, but affordable sex toys. Over the past three years, it has spawned so many models that even I am starting to get confused. Moreover, there is a 15-year warranty from the manufacturer.

I have not been interested in analyzing each new product separately for a long time, but when it came to comparing within a line, my inner lazy tester agreed.

So, a comparison of two inexpensive vibrating massagers:
– Secret Affair (white with gold), the average price is 2100-2500 rubles;
– Sparkling Darling (black) on the right, average price 2300-2800 rubles.

Both are powerful enough and orgasmic. Suitable for carrying in a purse (there is a travel cap).

– 5 intensities, 10 vibration patterns;
– waterproof;
– charge from magnetic charger (2.5 hours);
– 1 hour of continuous work;
– comfortable point stimulation;
– can also be used through clothes.

More versatile than the Lay on Line.

Suitable for stimulating the vaginal opening. The cap, due to the fact that it sits loosely, during vibration it can spin a little and go back / forth. Someone will be annoyed, however, in my opinion, this feature gives even greater variability of sensations than vibration patterns.

Can't be used anally!

Be sure to use lubricant. Better water based (silicone will ruin the toy).

Secret Affair (white)

The main feature is that the bullet has no buttons. Touch control. To turn on, you need to remove the cap and turn the inside.

On the one hand, this architecture allows you to hide the fact that it is a vibrator, on the other hand, it is easy to touch the button and switch the mode.

Material: outside ABS plastic, inside medical silicone.

The toy is stable, it can live without a bag due to its plastic appearance and a cap. But for the same reasons, it can slip out of hand in the process.

Sparkling Darling (black)

Silicone body with embossed handle for a comfortable grip. Two buttons for more precise control. Here they also messed up with the ergonomics of the buttons: it's not so easy to look for them by touch!

The vibration is strong, but more diffuse than that of the Secret Affair.

There is also a version of Lovely Honey, but they only differ in the color of the cap.

None of them is better than the other, they are different. But I just liked to play with both bullets at once. They shine so beautifully in the sun! Bliss!

To summarize: for the money, they are all super good, and I just can’t find any fault with them. If you need an affordable but powerful and high quality mini vibrator, then this is it. If you want perfect - relax, there is no such thing. To each his own.

The devices were provided to the blogger for a test by the online store