Satisfyer rocks the market again

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According to blogger Arina Vintovkina, this time the popular brand has aimed at the luxury segment.


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I, frankly, lost count of how many non-contact stimulators they already have. But in the new line, they got into what used to be the territory of luxury brands like We-Vibe. I tell you what is remarkable about the new items, and what is the feature of each of the three.

Curvy 1+, Curvy 2+ and Triangle are done well in two ways at the same time: non-contact stimulation (the membrane inside the bell vibrates and creates air currents, fingering the head of the clitoris) and vibration (the bell rim starts to vibrate – and here the inner parts of the clitoris and sensitive zones of the vulva get into action).

You can turn on stimulation, both together and separately. The vacuum is regulated by two buttons and, accordingly, there is an option to make it stronger/quieter. There are 11 modes in total. Vibration is controlled fr om one button (so here, if you skip the desired mode, you will have to click through the whole circle – 10 modes).

If you didn’t have enough impact with conventional contactless vibrator and wanted more than just the head of the clitoris at the epicenter of the action, Satisfyer’s know-how should come in.

All toys are connected to the free Satisfyer Connect mobile app which acts as a control panel. It is logical to hand it over to a partner: holding a toy in one hand and a phone in the other, seemed to me a little troublesome.

The application is compatible with Apple and Android, with phones, tablets and Apple Watch, it connects via Bluetooth and robustly expands the functionality of the toy. With it, for example, you can construct your own vibration patterns. If some turned out super-successful, save it as a separate program and then turn it on with one click. There is a mode in which the toy reacts to sounds – voice or music – and begins to work to the rhythm. And a bunch of other things, including the ability to create a video chat, as well as to make this chat in “incognito” mode, wh ere you can hide your face.

Based on a set of features in the application, Satisfyer appointed itself guardian angel of anyone who practices remote datings. Probably inspired by conference calls, which are now on the rise, the brand added the function of group video chats and the simultaneous control of up to 3 devices. Satisfyer has vowed to upd ate the app monthly.

Price. With the functionality that was put into the new Satisfyer line, the toys should, in theory, cost more. But Curvy 1+, Curvy 2+ and Triangle are still in the “affordable” category. And the most versatile model – Curvy 2 – is also the most inexpensive.

Perfectly packed. From an aesthetic point of view and from a practical point of view, there is a perforated strip on the side of each box, which will have to be torn off in order to get to the toy. So, you can be completely sure that no one has touched the device before you. This know-how of Satisfyer made me incredibly happy.

Waterproof. Charges by magnetic charging (included). Very pleasant to the touch. Triangle – to a lesser extent (slightly rattles in its plastic cover), but Curvy 1+, Curvy 2+ both look more charming and tactilely softer, they fit in the hand greatly.

15-year warranty. Satisfyer was probably tired of listening to complaints about the cracking of their devices. If the toy is broken and it’s a warranty case it will be replaced without question.

How to choose from this trio?

Curvy 1+ is suitable for those with a large clitoral head and high sensitivity. It has the widest mouth, and due to this, the effect is felt as delicate as possible. So delicate that I, with my average sensitivity, in the first mode did not even understand whether the device was turned on or not. It also vibrates very lightly, and for the owners of a sensitive and hypersensitive head of the clitoris that's just it. For those who are looking for a quiet toy, keep in mind: from the third vibration mode, the noiselessness leaves the chat, and there is humming.

Curvy 2+ has a standard bell diameter and quite standard Satisfyer stimulation. Suitable for medium sensitivity and small clitoral head. The new shape of the bell (it has become more plump) perfectly conveys vibration: it is not furious, but, like the Curvy 1+, it is noisy. Of all the three, the most versatile and at the same time the most inexpensive.

Triangle. It personally suited me more than others. Designed for medium but closer to low sensitivity. The shape of the bell is practically the same as that of the legendary Satisfyer Penguin, there is no puffed rim, which at the level of sensations gives a more targeted (focused at one point and, accordingly, strong) vacuum. There is vibration here, but it plays not even the second, but rather the fifth violin. It feels minimal, because there is nothing special to vibrate: the rim of the bell is very thin. And the device is quite tiny and of an unusual triangular shape: the owners of large hands, I suppose, will be uncomfortable. But it has a lid that closes the bell, which makes the Triangle an excellent “travel” option.

Personally, I don’t really enjoy contactless Satisfyer. For me, they give some too superficial sensations, because I have been familiar with this type of stimulation for a long time, and there is something to compare with. In the first mode, the head of the clitoris is not felt much, but in high modes it is very quickly stupefied by the pressure of air waves and a small range of velocities which “in the middle” remains at our disposal.

But those who have no experience in using contactless stimulators Satisfyer looks like a nice option - try everything at once and do not go broke.

About the combo of non-contact stimulation and vibration – cool in theory, but honestly, I was not impressed. Vibration distracts sensations argue with each other and drown out one another. In short, what was supposed to be a symphony of the clitoris singing inside and out was perceived by me a bit like a cacophony. Therefore, of all three, I have become the closest friends with Triangle.


The point of view that goods from Satisfyer are something mediocre- is the private opinion of me and my clitoris and not the ultimate truth. As with any other device everything is very individual.

I know a bunch of people who, when “blindly tested”, cannot distinguish a Womanizer from a Satisfyer (I can – so I vote for Womanizer, but if the difference is not felt, then why pay more?)

I know a bunch of people who genuinely like Satisfyer's type of stimulation better – that is, they tried different ones, but this one they enjoyed the most. I know a bunch of people who lack impact on the vulva during contactless stimulation and for them the vacuum + vibration option is just the thing. I know a bunch of people who aren’t enthusiastic about contactless stimulation at all.

Satisfyer is definitely good in that, given the non-costly price and a gigantic se t of functions in one device, you can buy one and either not regret it or your regret won’t be really big.

All devices were submitted for testing by the online store vsexshop.