Satisfyer, I choose you!

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“This curious novelty is definitely worthy of attention and a detailed review. After a week of testing, I'm ready to tell you what kind of Pokemon it is,”– Tanya Asharina.


Text and photo: Tanya Asharina

Russian version

Satisfyer is a brand that even those who have only recently become acquainted with the world of sex toys have heard of. Affordable price, memorable design and high quality allowed the Germans to conquer a huge crowd of fans. Bright yellow Dual Love at first glance made me strongly associate it with Pikachu. There is no electrical stimulation in the toy, but there is a vibrating barrel and wave stimulation.

To be honest, the new brand boxes make me very happy! Opening protection, striking design, the ability to see the device through the window – everything is very well thought out. Inside is the toy itself, a magnetic charger and instructions. There is no bag, so think about storage in advance.

The handle (claimed to be a G-spot stimulator) is absolutely unbendable. A delicate layer of silicone hides a tough shaft underneath. The toy has a rather large oval nose, in the photo you can see a comparison with the Traveler and Pro 4 couples. The buttons have a barely perceptible relief, but looking ahead, I can say that I never managed to control the toy blindly.

For several days I separately tested vacuum stimulation, and then switched to vibration. Trying both options at the same time will not work, but if you really want to, then you better take a closer look at Satisfyer Pro G-spot Rabbit.

Wave stimulation made me happy! At high power, the toy is NOT at all quiet, but if applied to the body, the noise level is quite acceptable. There are 11 modes here, the first of which will suit even very sensitive girls, the latter is a real extreme even for me, a fan of the Wands.

The shape is very ergonomic. Previously, I used a miniature Traveler, which I simply clamped with my hips, but I immediately got used to the fact that now I have to hold a new toy by the long, round handle. And it does not become less convenient, even if the vibration motor is turned on, since the device does not jump out of the hand at all.

Let's move on to the issue of vibration. Here I have a double feeling. 10 modes, 3 of which are constant vibration, the remaining 7 are patterns. As a clitoral stimulator, the toy is suitable for high to medium sensitivity, but I was not impressed. In my case, vibration is fine for foreplay, but for a full orgasm I need heavier artillery.

I definitely liked the vaginal stimulation better. The length of the immersed part is 8 cm, because there buttons after it. This size was enough for me, and the bell of the toy is quite convenient as a handle.

The final test is remote control. When I went to the App Store in anticipation to download Satisfyer Connect, I was horrified by the rating. Rated 2.5 based on 1151 ratings. Let's just say that twos and ones add up to 3 times more than five... The main complaint from users: constant connection failures. I can say that I did not have such problems, the application passed all tests with a bang.

What can you do on your smartphone screen? Remote games, of course! The partner can be with you in the same room or even in another country. The app provides its own video chat, so you don't need Zoom or Skype.

You can create individual patterns of vibration and wave stimulation with the possibility of their simultaneous operation. Honestly, I sat there for a long time – the application greatly diversified the process of using the device. If you don't want to invent anything on your own, then you can choose one of the pre-installed patterns.

Satisfyer Dual Love can be safely recommended as the first toy. And even if you are a sophisticated user, then this Pokemon will definitely find a place in your collection. 2 types of stimulation, the ability to customize modes and remote control make this vibrator a great find for those who love everything buzzing.