«Roger» that!

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O-la-la blogger made a test drive of «The Rotating Rabbit» stimulator with bunny ears for clitoris from The Rabbit Company.


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As you understand, I have a new jolly rabbit in my collection! The Rabbit Company is an American brand that has been pleasing us with quality and style for 5 years.


Design. I did not find a single flaw. The material is hypoallergenic, non-porous medical silicone. So the probability of getting something alien on a toy is extremely small. The kit includes a charger which is inserted classically into the handle of the toy.

Care. Unpretentious and tolerant of soap with warm water. But I'm still for the cleaners.

Motors. Roger has two. One is in the main shaft, which, in addition to vibration (attention!) also makes circular motions. Oh my. God. This is something! And five speeds. I’m not a very sensitive girl, but I haven’t reached the fifth speed. Here Roger is the king of the hill! The second motor is in the rabbit itself. Oh, these ears… In a word, they are simply grand: six variations of vibration and six speeds. Absolutely naughty! You can turn off the main shaft and use only the ears. Especially if you want point stimulation.

Water. The rabbit is not afraid of it, but you can’t immerse it, since the charger is not magnetic! Therefore, we are having fun on land.

Size and shape. If you were looking for a toy that is comfortable in every way, then here it is: working length - 10.5 mm, width at the maximum point - 42 mm.

Shocking discovery! The main process with circular motions is a crazy thing! Blood actively rushes to the vagina, and it becomes mega-sensitive! Playing before/during sex with your loved one - definitely YES! The clitoral part is not comparable with any other options (similar configuration), apparently due to the presence of just two ears.


For me, the main motor seemed very noisy, although the manufacturer claimed it to be quiet.

You can not turn off the rabbit itself and leave only the main shaft. Sometimes this feature is very useful, especially if you are learning to have fun not only in the clitoral way.

Not large enough for me: yes, I love bigger ones, but this is a matter of taste.


Suitable for courageous beginners and lovers of new sensations, as well as for those who love eye candies: the rabbit looks super cute.

Enjoy, friends, there will be no other!