A strapless strap-on Revolver II from Strap U: great or crap?

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Salem Witch has tested another strap-free strap-on.


© Salem Witch

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My enthusiasm fr om the past review of this guy has not yet subsided, as sexshopers.ru gave me with another strapon. Looking ahead, I will say that there will be fewer pleasant adjectives here, and there are good reasons for this. But first things first.

To begin with, the Revolver II is an anatomical strap-on. It does not need special belts and fasteners. It is designed for the girl to be able to hold it with her vaginal muscles. It can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. It all depends on two factors: the anatomy of the wearer and also how well the manufacturer has thought about this anatomy.

There is one simple truth: anatomical strap-ons are constantly falling out. Someone does not have sufficiently strong muscles, someone has too much lubrication - almost all strap-ons that are held vaginally without support, one way or another, will slip out. You either have to contrive to find a suitable pose in which it does not fall out, or go through several model of the device to find a suitable one.

For myself, I have identified several features that allow the strap to stay inside longer. First, the vaginal portion must have a strong constriction wh ere it is attached to the working portion of the toy. Secondly, the strap must be flexible enough. Strap-ons made of hard materials are usually quite painful for both partners, and any movement will be an extra reason to lose the strap during the game.

The Revolver II is worth praising: it has both of the above qualities.

It is of medium size. The part intended to be attached in the body is about 10 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. The working part is 15 cm and is also 3 cm in diameter. The whole length of the toy is 25 cm.

At the bottom, the strap-on has a small hole for a removable vibro-bullet but I have many questions for it. Vibration is weak, almost not felt even without a strap-on, not to mention when it should be transmitted through the entire toy. The bullet is powered by batteries (tablets), which you will not find with fire during the day. And is it worth bothering at all for such a useless vibration?

The strap is made not of the usual silicone, but of thermoplastic rubber (TPR). It will feel closest to latex – a glossy surface, without lubrication, it does not slide even in the palm of your hand. Not easily soiled, despite the fact that the material looks like it will collect all the dust in the house in five minutes of lying on the bedside table.

WARNING: The strap-on can only be used with a water-based lubricant. Other lubricants will immediately damage the toy. The rubber will melt like chocolate, leaving colored smudges everywhere. You cannot store it with other toys, it will deteriorate. There is no storage bag included, so you have to take care of this yourself.

As a result, the toy is fully consistent with its budget price tag. It has both significant advantages and, unfortunately, several unpleasant disadvantages. The material will require careful care and storage. I would replace the vibrating bullet with something else that fits in size and turns out to be more powerful. Or do not use it at all, so as not to add extra weight to the toy. Its shape and flexibility are almost perfect. It is quite a suitable toy for both beginners and experienced users. Not a technological breakthrough, of course, but in its price segment, many similar devices will lag behind.