Review on Mystim Daring Danny electrostimulator

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When it comes to electrostimulated toys, the first brand that comes to mind is MyStim. Electricity is scary for many and so the more interesting it is to find out what the sensations are from such games.


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I used to had a taboo on electric play, but half a year passed and voila!

First, Darsonval happened, then Tazapper at a German party, and here during the latest Black Friday I got MyStim Daring Danny Black Edition, and we could not resist.

I had wanted MyStim for a long time: it doesn’t need any additional generators or other things, besides it also vibrates. I will not say that I really like the vibration inside, but it was interesting.

Well, electrosex is for gourmets. It is unlikely that everyone will like it, but those who love multilayered, vivid and incomprehensible sensations that blur the line between fear and pleasure will appreciate it.

It’s one thing to blow a discharge on the skin, and quite another to let inside. No, it doesn’t hurt, it’s rather sparkling hot. Flashes, flashes, flashes, here and there, small bonfires of pleasure light up. And it is scary. This is a swing of desire: should you ask to pull the thing out and stop to be afraid, or try to relax? While you are thinking, you fly away and cut back in anticipation: when will he allow to take out the toy and enter himself?

MyStim is a buzz of expectation. To me it is great for the prelude.

Firstly, unusual sensations, and secondly, stretching (the size of his toy is already serious). I don’t know why I asked for the “rabbit”, I didn’t feel any bonuses. But here, of course, there is an anatomy feature: those girls whose clitoris is located closer to the entrance to the vagina will undoubtedly be satisfied.

Of the minuses: incredibly tight on\off buttons. Really it is too much! And because of this you get even more afraid – what if the current gets too strong and you won’t have time to take it out. It only aroused me even more, but be advised: the buttons are moody, and you need to press them hard.

As a whole the device is very interesting, looks expensive and lies beautifully in a beautiful case.

I haven’t got enough of it, I haven’t tried all the modes - I will play more.

Remember! Before electrosex we remove intimate piercing. We use water-based lubricant. In no case should you direct the electric toy to the larynx, to the head, to the region of the heart. In general, if there are cardiovascular problems, metal implants – do not enter electric play. Pregnant women do not need it either. And women with skin lesions.

Electricity is a serious and dangerous thing. But if you can play with it – it can be rewarding!