Review on G-Rabbit

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"At the moment, this is my favorite vibrator," - a flattering assessment from a blogger, right?


© Sasha Gentle (Laskovaja)

To begin with, I really wanted a G-rabbit, because it is soft, like a marshmallow and it has two clitoral tendrils. And here we are together.

Basic characteristics

Material: Bioskin.
Number of motors: 3.
6 modes of vibration.
The length of the whole toy: 25 cm, working part - 18 cm.
Diameter (the thickest place): 6.5 cm.

Water protection level is not specified, only 100% waterproof. I used the toy in the shower – everything is fine with it, I didn’t submerge it under water – didn’t have a possibility.

Continuous use up to 4 hours. Type of charging: magnetic. Comes with a very nice storage bag, a manual and a charging cable. There is also a convenient box in where you can store wires or condoms.


Only three buttons, the operation is simple and intuitive. To turn on the toy you need to hold down the upper “+” button for a few seconds. It also increases the strength of vibration. The lower “-” button reduces vibration and turns off the toy. The button in the middle changes the form of vibration.

If after turning on you hold “+”, then the speed will increase smoothly, if you hold “-”, then it will gradually decrease and the toy will turn off.

The toy has 6 vibration patterns, there are options which only activates the “ears”  and there are those where only the shaft vibrates.

It is very convenient that when you press the buttons they are highlighted. In the dark it will be well visible.

Shape and material

The toy itself is quite large and not suitable for all girls, but we made friends with it. The widest part is the tip. Anyone who has ever touched this toy will immediately understand why it is cool and why you don’t want to let it out of your hands. The material made by the brand is incredibly tactile, soft and at the same time keeps its shape. Garbage and dust do not stick to it at all, and if it does, it is removed in one go.

The toy has three motors: one in the shaft and one in each “ear”. The “ears” are not as soft as the head and shaft, so the vibration in them is very strong, even the first mode is not for everyone.

We are used to the fact that rabbit vibrators have one clitoral process, but G-rabbit has two. This gives more room for maneuvers. The tendrils do not lie on the clitoris, but grab it from two sides. With this option, the excitement rolls slower. If you want direct stimulation of the clitoris, you can just turn the vibrator body a little, and one of the ears will lie on the clitoris. They are very flexible, they can be removed from the clitoris and practice the technique of “bridge”. The length of the ears is about 6 cm, consider this when choosing a toy.

Despite the strong vibration, it is almost not transmitted to the handle, and the hand does not go numb. It’s not very convenient for me to hold on to it – my hands are small, and sticking fingers into the ring is unpleasant. With lubrication, the plastic part will generally be super slippery.


It is not quiet at all, if you are not alone in the room, they will definitely hear you.

In size, it is not suitable for all girls.

The manufacturer on the site writes that there is a travel lock but I still did not understand how to activate it so that the toy would not turn on in the suitcase.


At the moment, this is my favorite vibrator. He was the only one that gave no pain during frictions, I don’t know what the reason was - soft material or shape, but they did their job.