Real impressions of using a hydraulic pump

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Reports of male testers are scarce over the Net, especially on such a delicate topic as increasing sizes. We thank the telegram channel "sayofthesex" or "Saliva is not Lubrication" for this test drive.


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Here comes the Bathmate Hydromax hydraulic pump. For starters, the most important thing: it really works. This is not magic, it is difficult, tiring and boring, but it really works. But first things first.

Important! Read the manual. And in no case should you violate it. It was invented so that especially desperate people would not harm themselves. The pump is stiff  and its fluid creates an excellent pressure difference, so injuring yourself this way is easy. Once again: follow the instructions.

The pump is made of decent thick plastic and some kind of polymer as a sealant. The principle of operation has not changed at all since Austin Powers, except that water acts as a working fluid. Due to density water creates a significantly greater pressure difference than air. The principle of operation is clear from the school physics course: the volume increases - the pressure drops, the blood in the body occupies the vacated volume. No rocket science.

The first four usages felt very strange, but then I realized why. From the description and reviews one may assume that the pump should cause an erection. In fact, it turns out not quite so. Perhaps women will correct me, but in my understanding, an erection is a complex of measures in which a number of organs and processes are involved, and here your blood is simply pushed into your cock and that’s it. There is some dissonance, but you just have to accept it.

In general, all these entertainments are not particularly pleasant. Convenient? Absolutely not. Doing  your business with this thing on the dick? Well, I don’t know. Due to high sensitivity knocking penis’s head against the walls of this thing is really unpleasant and you have to pay all the attention to the process. There are all kinds of additional holders and some other attributes, but I do not believe that it would greatly help the process. In general, it’s not very convenient to use in the shower, in the bath it is much better.

But this is not a real disadvantage. It should be treated like a gym. With all its minuses in the form of time and efforts spent, in the form of pain and fatigue. The first couple of weeks you would have to get used to the pump. To adapt to its work, feelings and all that jazz. I don’t know what result it will produce in half a year, but so far I have managed to get additional 1.5-2 cm, even though I always do not have enough time and energy to maintain the schedule.

If you are ripe for the purchase of such a pump, then do not forget that it is important to choose it by size. However conclusions and decisions to make, as always, are up to you only.