Prostate Stimulator IVY from RestArt

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Partner blogger Volch experienced a prostate massager.


Text and photo: Volch

Russian version

My soul Yaroslav received an offer to test the IVY prostate stimulator from RestArt. Oh, how much doubt was there on his face! However, he agreed, but didn’t start the test right away, for the area of application is very delicate. I will describe his impressions below.

First about the characteristics. The set is: the device, a remote control, a charging wire and a warranty card. The warranty period is one year from the date of sale. The remote control is powered by a CR2032 coin cell battery. The size of the stimulator is 13 × 9.5 cm. The length of the immersing part is 9 cm, the diameter at the widest point is 3 cm. The device at the base of the immersion part has a very flexible bridge (which adds comfort in use), as well as an erection ring at a distance of 6, 5 cm from the base. The diameter of the ring is 3.5 cm. The stimulator itself is made of pleasant silicone with a golden plastic insert. The remote control is made of velvety plastic. Both on the device and on the remote control, stains appear easily, and the silicone is also quickly enough collects dust and wool (while taking photos, I ran to wash it three times).

Ivy has two buttons: one turns the device on and off, the second switches modes, of which there are seven in total. Next to the buttons there is a socket for plug charging. According to information from the Internet, the device is “protected from moisture”. But our specimen has withstood the drowning in the bathroom: the charging socket is well sealed with silicone, at least for now. There are two motors, controlled synchronously. One is located on the immersed part, the second on the opposite end - near the erection ring. Ivy is moderately noisy: you can't hear it behind closed doors, but inside the room the toy confidently declares itself. The working device becomes pleasantly warm, we did not notice overheating, even when, to test the time of discharge, the stimulator diligently vibrated for an hour. By the way, the charging time was 1 hour 45 minutes, the operating time in the more powerful mode was exactly 1 hour. There is an indicator that flashes when the device is turned on or charging, and just lights up when charging is complete.

The point that confused us a little is the whitening silicone when stretched. This is clearly seen when bending the device and when stretching the erection ring. On the one hand, the silicone whitens when exposed to a sufficiently strong impact, so there is no need to delay for usage. On the other hand, this is the first time I see this among all our devices, respectively, there are concerns about the terms of operation. And in general, in a fit of desire, it is quite possible to miscalculate the strength and stretch it more than necessary. What will happen with such regular exposure? In general, we will observe.

And now the most interesting thing – I quote from the direct tester: “The device looks like a big one, but it's not that scary. It is generally normal to insert it, without wild discomfort, including yourself. Feels fine, but I have nothing to compare with. Vibration is not inconvenient with all modes and speeds. Control even without a separate button (remote control) is normal, there is no need to somehow bend it wildly. It's better to shave buttocks, or (maybe it's a personal feature) hairs cling to something, which is unpleasant. Easy to clean”.

As Yaroslav later noted, he had only one prostate, so even though the experience was very unusual for him and there was no wow-pleasure, further exploitation is still not only not denied in one way or another, but, one might say, is planned. I think this is a successful success!

The stimulant was provided for a test drive by the RestArt brand.