Pros and Cons of Romp Shine

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Ronny Black (the telegram channel “Saliva is Not Lubrication”) tested the novelty from Womanizer and We-Vibe – a budget vacuumer.


© Ronny Black (Saliva is not lubrication)

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Well, that’s all, I gave in to the Womanizer technology. In general, I got into the hands an example of an exclusive collaboration between Womanizer and We-Vibe, codenamed Romp Shine. Romp is a budget line of Womanizer’s toys with the same pleasure air technology, but other materials are cheaper. To make you understand, this technology is patented only by Womanizer, the other vacuumers are somewhat similar, but other manufacturers cannot do exactly the same. And I have always wanted to compare! And here it is finally!

To begin with, there is still a difference, and a very tangible one. Womanizers really make vacuumers way better than others as far as sensations are concerned: there are two membranes inside (and not one) that drive air, which gives a gentler effect even at high speeds. Romp Shine sits perfectly it the hands, the buttons do not stick out, but it’s a pity, because the first few times I got confused and tried to find them. There are only two buttons: plus and minus. A long press switches the thing on/off, a single one already switches modes. They are ten. The device turns on initially at the third speed, so there is a way for those who want something gentle to go “down”. By the way, the difference fr om other vacuums is also that the Romp is noisier. The noise is not very strong, but obviously it is here, I believe that the reason is precisely in two membranes. It has a battery, a magnetic charger and other waterproof things. It only works 45 minutes, but of how long it takes to charge it – there is no information. The first charge took me about 8 hours (there is a light indicator, as soon as it stops blinking and just starts to glow, everything is charged), but the subsequent charges took about two hours (maybe less, I did not always have time to keep track of the moment). By the way, in the manual there is a point wh ere it is advised to use a vacuumer in one place for no more than 15 minutes, and I agree with that.

It feels like fire and water in comparison with the rest of my collection. I did not expect the technology to be so different, to be honest, and was initially very biased. But! I was wrong. Everything is so gentle and intense at the same time that I had no chance.

There are Cons too, by the way. Two of them.

First, the silicone nozzle flies away very easily. The first time it was used, it annoyed. Over time, I got used to this “bug”, and stopped noticing it. At first, I thought that they brought me some kind of defect, but then I found out that no – this is a distinctive “bug” of all Romp Shine. It is the drawback of cheapening the design.

The second disadvantage – very small magnets for charging. What does it mean? The charging cable strives to disconnect. The strength of the magnets is not enough, and you have to pretty much break your head how to put the device to be charged so that it charges and not just lays next to the wire.

Bottom line: if you are not embarrassed by the cons, then take it! It's worth it. In general, I put the device on the top shelf (there is something that always should be at hand).