Powerful Tango

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Test drive vibro bullets from Alina Shikut.


© Alina Shikut

Russian version

Dear Tango, I can't take it anymore! You are certainly kidding me. Every time I sit down to write a review, I find myself playing with you.

Why Tango? This is the most powerful vibro bullet I know. The size of a lipstick or a finger, this baby gives out those very rough vibrations that I especially appreciate. Tango even works through clothes, so it is ideal for carrying it everywhere with you and playing quietly.

So, a number of reasons why I endlessly adore this bullet and every time I advise it when they ask me about a universal gift.


Tango is made entirely of plastic. Plastic conducts vibration best – that's why the toy is so powerful. It is a thermoplastic, it does not contain flatates and is completely safe.

Tango We-Vibe is sold in a beautiful cardboard box. Inside there is a storage bag, a manual, a magnetic charger and the bullet itself.

The device itself is small, smooth, inconspicuous (editor's note: height – 90 mm, diameter – 20 mm). It has a beveled tip that looks like a lipstick. This form allows you to stimulate both the point tip and the entire surface. Two colors – blue and pink.

Magnetic charger fills the battery in 90 minutes, this is enough for two hours of work. Magnets are not very strong. If you pull the wire – the connection will fall off.


My favorite one-button design! There are only eight of them: four continuous intensities and four patterns.

Long press – turn on/off, short press – switch the mode.

With Tango, you can use a water-based lubricant or a hybrid. To get it more convenient – put it on a zone of influence, but not on the toy. Otherwise, a smooth bullet will slip out of your hands, like a soap in the shower. Also, you ’ll smear yourself in a lubricant.

Speaking of showers. There is complete freedom: Tango is waterproof, you can swim with it. And it is still quiet.

It is not only a clitoral stimulator

Although this is what We-Vibe does best. For my clit, Tango is too strong: I just have to move it around. It is convenient to use this toy with a partner: the clitoris + stimulation inside (a dildo or during penetrative sex). I came up with a lining during rabbing.

With Tango, you can upgrade other toys: many vibrators have a hole for vibro bullets, which are often treacherously weak in power, they can be replaced and enjoyed.

You cannot use it anally – there is no stopper.

I must say that Tango is worth every ruble spent. It is suitable if you like strong vibration, and you need an inconspicuous toy that is convenient to take with you. And also: this is We-Vibe – a brand that is deservedly among my favorites and gives two years of warranty on its products.