Power Pump from Erozon

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Our author meticulously tests a vacuum pump for men with an automatic pump.


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There is a large number of vacuum pumps for the penis, but no matter how much I tested them, I always had a not very successful experience, a disappointment. Either the diameter was small, or the pump itself didn’t work well, or the air quickly leaves, which is why you constantly have to pump up.

But then they sent me a new Power Pump from Erozon for review.

Wow, electric, automatic pump, big size too! Also with a rubber tip, which will not let the air come out so easily and will turn the pump into a kind of masturbator! Great! However, not everything is as good as expected...

The first problem I encountered was batteries. Yes, yes, this toy is not with a battery, like 99% of all my devices, but requires as many as 3 AA batteries for its work. Well, okay, I think I had some rechargeable batteries lying around, now let's charge them and insert them.

Let's insert, yeah... It's not so easy to insert them. Without additional effort, dancing with a tambourine and other obscurantism is indispensable. Put in, ugh. Well, let's go! We press the button, and...

Does not work. “Fail”, I thought, “well, it happens”. While I was twirling and twirling, I felt such a big protrusion on the smooth surface of the “control panel”. Well, really, but why not do it efficiently? And suddenly, when I reopened the battery compartment, the thought came to my mind: “Since the batteries got there with such difficulty, maybe there is no contact?” And so, it turned out: holding the two batteries, I pushed the central one a little forward with a screwdriver – and it all worked.

Well, now about the main thing. The nozzle is very soft, the penis fits perfectly. Just one press of a button - and the air is pumped out very quickly, no additional action is required. If you suddenly realize that it pumps too much, you can either simply turn off the pump, or press the air release button on the opposite side of the device. By the way, the flask itself has a track. So, you can always see how much you managed to enlarge your penis due to the vacuum.


Well, let's summarize. After 10 minutes of test the vacuum pump began to perform its basic functions very well! Rather, even overfulfill them, and at such a nice price. You will be surprised, but I would rather recommend it for purchase than not. Just don't take it to the shower!

The pump is provided by the S-Market wholesale company.

You can read about Erozon vacuum pumps in the press release “Erozon Vacuum Pumps” on our website.