Polyisoprene love

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Skyn condoms began to appear on the shelves of pharmacies and stores. What it is all about our author tried to figure out in this test drive.


Text and photo: Volch

Russian version

Once I heard that there are magic condoms made of polyisoprene (aka synthetic latex), superior to polyurethane, but even more expensive, I was even afraid to think in that direction. We switched to polyurethane Sagami in pursuit of sensations, but prices are still confusing! But polyisoprene remained for me something like a ghost - fr om time to time someone remembers, somewhere praises, but nothing is clear – neither who produces them, nor wh ere to buy them. And suddenly one day everything came together, and I found out all about them – Skyn condoms.

Skyn – Lifestyles brand condoms. Manufacturer – Suretex Limited, Thailand. Packages of 3 and 10 are sold in Russia. They cost an average of 250 and 700 rubles respectively – that is, in general, they are quite affordable. There are classic ones, especially thin ones, with dots.

When we first heard about Skyn, we could only find them on foreign sites, so we ordered the first from eBay. Moreover, the assortment there is wider – there are packs of 20 pieces, condoms with an increased amount of lubricant, as well as large condoms. There are also assorted packages. The latter are very convenient, no overpay for small packs – in fact, we did just that, after which we settled on especially thin ones. Also, at the time of this writing, several other types of condoms and lubricant have been discovered. It looks like a big test is coming, hehe! A little later, Skyn was found in online stores in Russia, and recently appeared in a pharmacy right in our house.

Length 180 mm, width 53. Stretches very well – they have an indisputable advantage over polyurethane, which reminds us of its non-stretching package. The thermal conductivity of synthetic latex is also higher than that of polyurethane.

The importer's website indicates that the thickness of classic Skyn is 0.065-0.075, thin is 0.05-0.065. But subjectively, condoms are much thinner – apparently, precisely because of their thermal conductivity and softness. True, on the Latvian site the wall thickness was indicated as 0.035 and 0.028, respectively. Unfortunately, there is nothing to accurately measure.

Stretches perfectly. They can be torn with nails, but there were never any incidents. High thermal conductivity makes them truly invisible for both partners, while condoms (in our country) do not slip anywhere, do not fly off. The smell and taste are neutral sweetish. The lubricant is not too greasy, it spreads well, dries moderately fast, no aftertaste remains on the lips. They roll out easily, despite their softness, they do not cling.

The packaging color is neutral – black with a colored edge (the colors differ by type, which is convenient) and golden inscription. On the reverse side of condoms purchased in Russia you can find the PCT mark, certification, batch number and expiration date, brand mark about electronics testing and type are indicated. Inside there is a manual.

As a result, in our opinion, the ideal rating is 20/10, taking into account the increasing area of distribution and, in general, the affordable price. Plus, they are suitable for people with latex allergies!