Per exercise ad climax!

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O-lya-lya, a sex blogger, reported on the results of doing exercise with a Kegel-type e-stimulator called Impulse.


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I have always been fond of Kegel exercise machines as one of them had been my first sex toy. I mean Magic Kegel, a device that can be paired with a smart phone and it turns exercising into a game. It is lots of fun and also useful. Then, Magic Kegel-2 came, slightly updated, and I couldn’t think of a better thing. Not quite right.

Impulse Intimate E-stimulator is a heavenly device covered with the softest silicone I have ever touched. This silicone is fantastic. Along the edges, it is inserted with golden-colored metal. Combined with deep purple, like in lupines, it looks perfect. (The company manufacturing Impulse is called Calexotics – editor’s note.)

The toy has a raindrop shape and a long flexible tail. As in Kegel-2, the charging port is at the tip-that is handy. The device is waterproof and easy-to-care. Although medical silicone is used, it collects no dust and that’s great.

The kit contains a charging cable and a remote controller. The controller is small and fancy, with three buttons: on/off, vibration control and e-stim control.

Now it is time for sharing my impressions. E-stimulation (electrical stimulation – editor’s note) is fantastic, actually. Do you remember those belts for stimulating abdominal muscles? Here we have quite the same stuff.

When pelvic floor muscles are contracted under electrical waves, the sensations are very unusual. As a matter of fact, the device does the work for you. While you are lying flat pressing this or that button. How will I feel if I press this? What if I add some vibration? I used to think that electric current is a choice of those who feel fed up with other kinds of stimulation. I was wrong.

I am fascinated by the way it works-so easy and effortless. So do my muscles. The training took me around 10 minutes. My sensations were the only thing I took into account. What’s the outcome? A shocking effect! How do I know it? I discovered it while having sex afterwards. My partner and I, we both felt the difference.

This little pet can also be used for clitoral stimulation. Its vibration is enough strong. I didn’t feel like using this device for playing with my partner. To my mind, this device is something purely intimate.

The device is 7.2 cm long and it has 3.3 cm in diameter. It seems to fit any woman, by all measures.

It won’t fit you if you prefer something bigger or in case you expect to get strong stimulation instead of doing exercise. In every other way, the device is incredibly cool. It is lovely, soft, hard-working and it is just a quivering little thing.