Pave Grace diamond set

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Review of the Vibration massage brand Jopen by sex blogger Shark pen.


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Remember that moment in the movie Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts when she walks into a store with a bag of dollars and is denied service because of her looks? After a while, she returns to this store in a more expensive outfit, with a bunch of bags of luxury brands and thumbed her nose to the saleswomen who recently offended her. What am I inclining to? When I got my hands-on Pave Grace from the American brand Jopen, I was like those sellers who decided to evaluate (read, condemn) a toy by its appearance.

The first ironic thought from the sight of the sex device was: “Tiffany? Is that you?” (By the way, I don't really like shiny design). And for some reason, I was upset associating appearance with functionality. How wrong I was! The toy turned out to be a real diamond.

First impressions are deceptive

Once again, I was convinced that judging by appearance is bad. If I don't like rhinestones, it doesn't mean that someone else doesn't like them either. And besides, the idea of designers to inlay a mini-vibrator with stones is really cool: such a toy is a decent gift as well. The slogan of the entire series (and this is precisely a series of toys): “Diamonds are a girl's best friend”.

My diamond is Pave Grace – a teardrop-shaped mini vibrator covered with velvety silicone, which looks like a bar of soap. The massager has a small mound on the inner narrow side. Thanks to this anatomical shape, the toy fits perfectly on different parts of the body: vulva, scrotum, anus and perineum. Lifehack: Grace makes a great blowjob! You can move the bump of the vibrator along the bridle, or you can just put the whole toy on the perium and anus. An enchanting ending guaranteed.

Hither and thither

I always test everything I get my hands on thoroughly. Pave Grace is no exception. Looking ahead, I can say that the toy coped with all the tasks 5 out of 5.

The vibrator has 7 modes, which are switched by the largest crystal: there is vibration, pulsation and escalation (when the vibration seems to be accelerated in intervals). During games, you can accidentally switch the mode, since the rhinestone button is quite large. In addition, the toy has 5 speeds for each mode, the speeds are switched by side buttons.

The motor is located only at one end of the vibrator – in the mound. Despite this, vibration is transmitted well to the second end due to the fact that the toy is one-piece. The vibration is average, not encircling, but sufficient even for those with a not very sensitive clitoris.

Pave Grace is 100% waterproof, which means the device can be taken not only in the shower, but also directly in the bath. Just remember to dry the toy well after.

Alas, the mini vibrator is noisy. If you want to retire with it somewhere, then most likely Grace will be heard even through the wall. Already at the first speeds of a simple vibration, the toy buzzes seriously.

The device is charged from a USB cable. According to the manufacturer, after a full charge, Pave Grace can work up to two hours without stopping. Recommendation: if this is your first time dealing with a silicone waterproof toy with a USB cable, do not be afraid to “push” the plug deeper into the inlet, it first needs to go through the coating, and only then it reaches the charging socket itself.

What's the bottom line?

Pave Grace from the American brand Jopen is a great choice for those who love unusual tactile toys. It's great to experiment with it and stimulate, literally, all points on the body. The toy has exceeded all my expectations and, perhaps, will become a guest of honor in my bedroom.

The product for a test drive was provided by the wholesale company C-Market.