Oral Sex Simulator by Boners

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Read the review below for what Ronnie Black and her partner think about the new masturbator.


Text and photos: Ronny Black (Saliva is not lubrication)

Russian version

I finally have a male masturbator in my hands. And not a simple one, but a vibrator called Vibrating Blow Job Simulator from Boners (ONE-DC). The toy is made of silicone and ABS plastic. The device is 14 cm long, the working immersion length is about 8 cm, the diameter is almost 5 cm, of which the working surface is 2 × 4 cm. The weight is 283 grams. Magnetic charging (waterproof) and 10 vibration modes. There are two control buttons – plus and minus. With the first you turn it on/off and switch modes, the second just rolls back the modes. The buttons are recessed in silicone and have a diode backlight, which by a short blinking allows you to understand that the mode is still switched, well, or that the toy is charging when you connect it to the outlet.

What I disliked from the very beginning

The instruction itself states that the toy has 5 speeds and 5 vibration modes. In fact, here is 3 by 7: three vibration modes and seven patterns. Silicone stretches - yes, but, nevertheless, it can be damaged by tension, and then adios, hygiene. I thought ok, the manual indicate the site, they say, there is more information there. And you know what? There is nothing there, just a banner – and that's all. There is no information about the production, about the toy, no email even for feedback on the site! By the way, the operating time and charging of the toy is also a secret behind seven seals. Why should I, as an ordinary user, search Google in search of answers to basic questions?

I also put a minus for the push button.

Over time (not right away, yes) the minus button began to sink and stopped responding to pressing. That is, you can change the pattern forward, but you cannot go back. Moreover, the modes here are not looped, that is, if you get to the tenth speed, then you can return only if you throw the modes back, and only this way.

Well, what about its intended purpose?

The manufacturer claims that this vibrator imitates blowjob, namely a deepthroat. And here they did not lie: if you tightly cram the penis into this toy and squeeze, then the sensations are very similar. Moreover, inside there is a relief that adds to the sensation. As my tester told me, it’s as if you are pushing down the throat until it stops, and then it also vibrates there.

But again, there were some drawbacks here. It is uncomfortable to hold, and you have to adapt to the weight. Since the penis does not fit the entire length of this miracle, the sensations become blurry. “Well, it vibrates and vibrates, and if you try to somehow move the toy, then it can fly off just because of the shape.” The vibration is very quiet, medium power, not superficial. But all this does not really cover the inconvenient use. If the toy had a large working part or the hole itself was not oval, but round, then this could somehow rectify the situation. But if only if only this is all.


There are a lot of cons. There are not so many pluses. The idea is good, the execution is a C grade. Well, so that you understand, besides the test the device is not used on a voluntary basis, and this is quite an indicator.

The masturbator was provided for testing by the wholesale company Soho Wellness with the assistance of sexshopers.ru.