Noriplay by Orgie

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Anastasia Kurshankova spoke about the “enchanting” massage.


Text and photo: Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

Russian version

I found another interesting piece for massage – Noriplay from Orgie. This is not oil – this is exactly the gel, that is, the slip will be stronger and longer. However, what attracted me most was that the manufacturer recommends this product for body massage on the body.

I already had this massage experience with the Shunga set and loved the feeling. True, the preparation, is not easy: a special waterproof sheet, which must be spread strictly on the floor and bumpers should be made, the gel must be prepared by yourself. Therefore, the idea of arranging something like that spontaneously and right in bed, seemed wildly tempting to me!

In a bottle there is 500 ml of liquid jelly. It is not sticky, it is not absorbed instantly (that is, you will not need to constantly add new portions) and it smells strongly of spices. I feel cinnamon, cloves and for some reason red wine – I don't know why, nothing like that is stated in the composition.

In general, I liked it a lot – the right texture, generous volume and no problems with preparation. I recommend it!