New technologies in a familiar form

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What our author Svetlana Maryina always carries in her purse – read below.


Text and photo: Svetlana Maryina

Russian version

In my experience, one of the most popular shelves in sex shops is with realistic toys. However, people tend to go there only because they do not quite understand the assortment of a modern intimate store. Many companies have long switched to futuristic shapes and colors, focusing more on the functionality of the toy, its anatomical and aesthetic appearance.

And now the Gvibe company releases the GReal model. One may ask- what can a “realistic” surprise with? But it sells well and it convinced many people that there is still something to impress with.

Let's start with the most obvious. Most “realistics” are made from CyberSkin, but it requires careful maintenance and storage. For bioskin (patented material of Gvibe), which is used to create this toy, just a cleaner is enough and the bag is included. And this is not the only plus! The material is insanely tactile, heats up quickly just from the hands and creates the feeling of touching real skin. If two marshmallow wonders GJack2 and GCandy everybody squeezed in the hands, then GReal begs to be caressed. And how avoid this, when under the fingers you feel not only a velvety coating, but also a pattern of veins, which makes the toy even more realistic.

GReal does not have an internal frame, but remains quite resilient. A good indicator for use not only vaginally, but also anally. I recommend adding a water-based lubricant.

The suction cup is another advantage. Most vibrators, even if they are realistic in shape, still have handles. They are supposed to be held by you or your partner. The suction cup makes the whole process more natural, freeing up your hands if needed, or allows you to use the toy as a strap-on attachment.

I don't know who in the company is responsible for the form, but this is the third toy for which I would like to say a huge thanks. Thanks to its anatomical curvature, GReal can stimulate both the anterior and posterior walls of the vagina. You just need to turn the toy the way you want it right now. There is only one motor inside, located closer to the head, but if you, like me, lack clitoral stimulation, then there is an option to slide the head along the labia before penetration.

In GReal there is a scrotum. It would be incredibly cool if there was a motor there too, but even one of its reliefs can stimulate. Provided that 22 cm is suitable for you, of which 16 cm is a working part with a diameter of 3.7 cm.

There, on the scrotum, is the only button to control the toy. But there can be more settings if you use GRing or GRingXL instead of the remote control. The ring itself can be a separate toy for stimulating erogenous zones. It has all the features of other devices from Gvibe. But if we consider it as a remote control, then it will slightly expand our control of modes, adding vibration power options on the GReal. And here it is - another method of clitoral stimulation. However, due to the strong vibration and the presence of a certain amount of lubricant, the ring periodically tried to slip off my finger, so hold on tight. And in the bathroom too - both devices are equipped with magnetic charging and are completely waterproof.

All of the above features make GReal stand out from the rest of the toys. And GRing is now always in my purse.