New Satisfyer Men

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“Today we are discussing the pros and cons of the new men's toy from Satisfyer,” – Uncle Therin.


Text and photo: Telegram channel “Uncle Terin”

Russian version

Once Satisfyer made a masturbator. It turned out well, but there were things... Since this was the first attempt, they were possible to be forgiven. As time went on, they issued a new masturbator in a redesigned box, with new power.

Unboxing, what’s inside:

– a masturbator;
– a plastic case;
– a bag made of soft cyber leather;
– vacuum valve;
– total length – 25 cm.


– the plastic of the tube seemed cheap when it was disassembled for washing, although the coating is of high quality, matte and velvety.


– one size fits all (length and width);
– tight girth;
– the valve works perfectly;
– good vacuum effect;
– you feel weight, inertia;
– heavy, you feel that you are not jerking off with your hand;
– a feeling of resistance and muscle work, as happens when having sex with a person;
– more pleasure from the girth.

For this money – a top thing. Although you by the look of it it’s worth a lot more.

They fixed a bug with a vacuum, which, as it turned out, was observed by many users on the previous model. They came to a standard valve and that's good. The sleeve itself is through, due to which it is quite easy to wash it. Lean it against the faucet and then check with your finger from the inside to see if everything has washed out – and voila!

The material was changed, it became more velvety. Any game sticks to it less, although the lid protects.

In general, it is suitable for people with different penis lengths, since the tunnel starts literally right away and therefore there will be no feeling that something has been left out. But again, the main stimulation occurs due to the narrowness of the inlet and the possibility of a good vacuum, then the toy wraps around the penis even more tightly. Use only with water-based lubricants, you will not do with saliva here.

Plastic is not the most expensive and, rather, the question is that the inner seams are a little rough. True, this does not, in fact, affect the work of the masturbator itself!

Great thing!

New pieces from Satisfyer never cease to delight me: their design, the pleasant material (they have gone from shiny plastic and gilding to matte and velvet).

The silicone itself and the cyber skin have also become better and more pleasant to the touch. And this masturbator was no exception. Among the novelties of Satisfyer, that their vacuum cleaner, that this device did not disappoint, it only admires.

It fits comfortably on the hand, it is still of a neutral shape – both from the outside and when you open the tube.

It still maintains a good quality / price ratio. More suitable for those who love impressive devices.