Multipleasure from Satysfyer

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What kind of vibrator can you take for a couple sex when you don't know where to start – our new author Olesya Slobodyanik told us.


Text and photo: Olesya Slobodyanik

Russian version

One winter evening my partner and I wanted to buy the first vibrator. We've discussed this before, so we sat down and started looking. Our request was not the easiest one: it had to be an inexpensive, but a high-quality toy, its use would not be limited to a couple of options, it should fit both of us and fit perfectly into pair sex.

After a few hours spent on sex shop sites, sex bloggers' pages and looking for reviews, we realized that there is only one device that suits our needs: Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3.

What bribed us

1. The manufacturer offers 29 options for using the device (but your imagination is limitless).
2. Suitable for external and internal stimulation (both vaginal and anal).
3. Suitable for heterosexual and homosexual couples, as well as for masturbation.

In a word, at first glance, it is the most versatile find.

The box contained a vibrator, magnetic charging, safety instructions and illustrated intuitive instructions. There was no bag in the kit, so I had to take care of storing the toy myself.

The Multifan is made of good and pleasant to the touch silicone with an ins ert made of ABS plastic. The horns in the upper part have a motor, the vibration in them is soft, strong and deep. They themselves are also soft, bend and rotate 180 degrees around the axis. The lower part of the Multifan also has its own motor, but it is solid and wide enough (3.5 – 4.5 cm in diameter). This is not at all the same as a penis of the same size. The vibration at the bottom is strong and is felt throughout the Multifan. The horns and the long part of the device are controlled by different buttons and can work independently of each other. Turns on (and off) with a long press. In total, there are 10 vibration modes for each part of the Multifan: 3 different strengths and 7 patterns. On the eleventh press, the device will not turn off, but will return to the first mode.

The vibrator operates at maximum power for an hour, and you will spend 3 hours charging. The manufacturer claims it to be waterproof (yes, take it with you to the shower without fear) and gives a 15-year warranty for proper use and care.

1. Wash the toy after each use or remember to use special cleaning agents.
2. Store the Multifan in a pouch, separately from other toys.
3. Do not use a toy with silicone-based lubricants.

I liked the device more than my partner. This is normal. It's all about different sensitivities. The guy says that the vibration in the device is rather weak for him and he would like something more powerful. Yes, we prefer different masturbation toys, but for couple sex we now have an obvious favorite.

As for me, the long part of Multifan did not suit me, although I had great plans and hopes for it. This was my first vibrator, so it was easier to guess than it seemed, and it was too big and too hard for internal stimulation. But the vibration in the horns won me over. Along with the fact that it is much softer than in the long part of the device, their flexibility also allows you to clamp the clitoris or nipples, either increasing or decreasing stimulation.

Anyway, Multifan fit in to our pair sex just fine. We often use it both during foreplay and during penetrative sex. It never did us any bad, but only increased the pleasure.

This is a really great inexpensive toy and is perfect for those looking for something versatile or adding a toy to couples’ sex. Just add your favorite lubricant or aphrodisiac, find a comfortable position and enjoy!