Mr. Smart by MoyToy

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The author of the telegram channel “Tirelessly!” found a rabbit vibrator that ousted her former love, We-Vibe Nova, from its honorable first place in her rating.


© Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

Russian version

Honestly, I did not expect Mr. Smart (MoyToy) to be supernatural: this brand produces inexpensive but very functional sex toys, not bad, and in terms of price-quality ratio, they are generally ideal. But for a device of the middle price category to be SO cool – for this I was not ready. However, first things first!

The body is covered with silicone. The design seems to be traditional for the “rabbit”: two stimulating parts, one inserted, the other – for the clitoris, but at the same time, they not quite familiar – this vibrator has no handle. This feature makes Mr. Smart just a fantastically adaptive toy!

Its clitoral part can be bent, pushed to the side or, conversely, it can be reached up to the high-positioned clitoris, it can be moved in circular manner for additional, even brighter, sensations. And since the shaft of the toy is also flexible, it is supercomfortable inside and, if desired, you may ins ert it only partially – the design allows it.

After a two-second press on the center button Mr. Smart turns on and starts heating up, assuming a comfortable temperature for the body. The buttons above and below the center are responsible for the power and vibration modes of the toy. Separate control is great! You can adjust the vibrator the way you want: more intense vibration –to the clitoris and less pronounced – inwards, or vice versa, or you can turn it off altogether on one of the parts. The buttons, by the way, are convex and easily found by touch – a huge plus!

Mr. Smart starts vibrating only when it touches the body: there are sensors inside both functional parts of the toy. If you put the activated vibrator aside, it will go in to battery saving mode and automatically turn off after forty minutes. By the way, it has a very decent time of continuous work – for more than a hundred minutes. The charger is magnetized which means complete water resistance!

If one compares Mr. Smart and We-Vibe Nova, then for me Smart is definitely easier to control, and I like the heating functions and sensors more than the ability to control via a smartphone, which Nova had, but I practically did not use.

Mr. Smart from MoyToy is more compact, flexible, more convenient, its only drawback is the lack of a handle, after about thirty minutes fingers become numb from vibration, but I'm ready to endure.