Moxie VS Sexy Secret

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Sex blogger Arina Vintovkina told about two wearable babes who can turn anything into a sexual adventure.


Text and photo: Arina Vintovkina

Russian version

There are devices made primarily for causing pleasure, and there are those that are more about exciting games. I know that for many people the most exciting thing is (and it really excites!) – the idea of toys that you wear under your clothes, and which can be controlled from a distance by your partner, and you are enjoying it and there is that enigmatic smile on your face...

I’ll fuel the fire of your imagination and propose to dream of what, for example, a walk around the city, a visit to the cinema, a dinner at a restaurant or even a trip on public transport might look like (don’t forget about the mask: both the Ministry of Health requires it, and also it adds to conspiracy), if something buzzing is hidden under your underwear, and your companion controls it. With all sorts of themed parties and travel – and these are the most popular cases with me – these things also go great. Some are rumored to use such devices to brighten up all sorts of anti-sexual activities, such as sitting in boring conferences and cleaning the house.

The feeling that you are engaged in virtual, but absolutely real from the point of view of sensations, sex in front of strangers, and they are completely unaware of what exactly is happening with you. An element of taboo, secrecy and vicious eccentricity. Transfer of control, if you give the reins to the second participant. Here, believe me, there are a lot of exciting nuances. In this case, no supernatural stimulation is required from the device, since the sensations are already warmed up by the unusualness of what is happening.

Moxie from We-Vibe brand and its cheaper counterpart – Sexy Secret from Satisfyer – in fact, are the very toys that can become excellent companions in such games. And they are strikingly different from old devices of the “wearable class”, which were bulky, loud, inconvenient to wear and they looked generally monstrous (google “vibro panties” and burst into tears).

What they have in common is that they are tiny. That Moxie (appeared about two years ago and was revolutionary in its class), that Sexy Secret (ripped off the idea, which is why the Satisfyer brand is generally famous) are both the size of the smallest vibro-bullet. They are comfortable to walk with, do not irritate, do not fall out, work quietly. You can sleep with such a toy only if you breathe very hard, moan or shout.

The technology for attaching it to the underwear is ingeniously simple: you put the toy in the right place on the panties so that the vibrating element and the bulge on the body come together with the head of the clitoris, and on the other side of the linen fabric you apply a tiny round piece with a magnet that fixes the device in place. That's it, the device won't go anywhere else!

Choose underwear for such toys wisely. Thongs will not be suitable (the gusset should be wide). Between net weightless panties and tight, well-fitting to the body, the latter are preferable: the stronger the fit, the better the vibration is felt. By the way, depending on whether you are standing, walking or sitting, vibration is felt differently. If you sit down, and also throw one leg over the other, you will get the most vigorous sensations due to additional pressure.

There is a control button on the toy, but this is the most inconvenient option, since in order to switch the mode, you need to dive into your underpants, grope for the button and all that. Therefore, both devices have remote control options.

Both are made of medical grade silicone, waterproof, the battery holds for more than an hour of continuous work, and they are charged from a magnetic charger.

Moxie was born by the bright minds from We-Vibe which were capable of cramming a sufficiently powerful motor even into the smallest devices. “Sexy Secret” was created by copypasting Satisfyer and he cannot boast of special playfulness: it buzzes, but the stimulation is rather superficial. Moxie is both more powerful and vibrations penetrate deeper. Keeping in mind the difference in the strength and nature of the vibration, I would recommend Sexy Secret rather for those with high and medium sensitivity (when you do not need a strong impact to achieve pleasant sensations), and Moxie will be good for those with medium and low sensitivity (when you need more powerful and more intense).

Moxie has got three management options: via the button on the case, via the control through the free app on your smartphone “We-Connect”. With Sexy Secret there are two: a button on the case and on the phone. There is no remote control for Sexy Secret. I will not say that this is a fatal minus. But for me personally, for solo games, for example, while watching some particularly exciting films, the most convenient thing is the remote control (it does not require such focusing as the phone does).

The Sexy Secret has one magnetic round, which fixes the device on the panties, and Moxie has two, so that one is in reserve. The detail is important, but small, and can easily get lost.

Moxie is sold in two colors – sky blue and black. Sexy Secret has one – burgundy.

Moxie comes with a satin bag and a sachet with a lubricant. With Sexy Secret all is simple: the toy, the charger, the manual.

Summary. If money is not an issue – take, of course, Moxie. It is more elegant in appearance, and more powerful, and the vibrations are more interesting, and it is richer from the point of view of packaging. If you want to save money – Sexy Secret is for you (three times cheaper!). No matter how ideologically I was against the clones that Satisfyer releases, rigidly dumping prices, this particular clone came out nice.