Mint Dinosaur by Lola

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The vacuum tank of the Russian brand was tested by Tanya Asharina.

Text and photo: Tanya Asharina

Russian version

I already have a small collection of Satisfyer vacuum stimulators at home. Although I still prefer the classic vibration, I use wave stimulation a couple of times a month to keep myself fr om getting bored. I was curious to meet the competition, because besides the main titans (Womanizer and Satisfyer), many other brands also successfully produce their own vacuum stimulants. Dino Fantasy by Lola is the cutest toy I have in my collection! Delicate menthol color, charming legs and thorns won my heart.

A cute and slightly naive box with a photo of a toy, at first, evokes associations more with a children's store than with a sex shop. Comes with a storage pouch and USB charger. The nest itself is recessed into the body of the toy, so you can take it with you to the shower or bath.

The length of the toy is 12.5 cm. It fits easily in the hand thanks to the rounded body of the dinosaur. The stimulator is made of silicone, the coating is velvety and extremely pleasant. The toy has a large round bell, there are no replaceable attachments in the kit. The device is quite quiet, the noise level is no different from my Satisfyer.

There is only one button for control. She turns on the toy and switches modes. For me, this solution is inconvenient because on all my vacuum stimulators, I usually use only 2-3 modes closer to the upper lim it of intensity. For example: when approaching orgasm, I quickly switch the mode from seventh to sixth or to fifth. For me, this is an established way of getting pleasure, which is familiar and convenient to me. Overall, my ideal orgasm pattern looks like this: 5, 6, 7, 6, 7, 6, 5, 7, 6, 5.

In the case of Dino, I would have to jump from the seventh mode to the previous (sixth) mode by quickly pressing repeatedly. And at the same time, you will need to count in your mind so as not to get lost and not miss the desired intensity. In general, this is a huge disadvantage for me.

The test, however, showed that in the case of Dino, I did not have to do 10 circles by fiercely clicking the button. To achieve an orgasm, the power of this toy is not enough for me. Of course, with a lot of excitement and a lot of time in reserve, the trick will work, but I usually prefer powerful toys that, if necessary, will allow me to reach the peak in a couple of minutes.

Is Dino bad? No! It is ideal for foreplay or for girls who like a long masturbation process. In general, to all those who care about the process no less than the result. I am a hurry in this regard, I most often use toys for quick discharge, so Dino would suit me if my clitoris sensitivity was a little higher.

Lola's Dino Fantasy is a cool gift for those new to sex toys. It is also good as the first vacuum stimulator. By the way, Lola has four toys in its lineup: a dinosaur, a duck, a hummingbird and an octopus. I think everyone can choose the right pet for themselves.

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