Mini-masturbator FlashNash by Olesya Malibu

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It doesn't always make sense to reinvent the wheel – they took Russian actresses of adult films, took casts of their assets and created the “Stars” series.

Text and photos: Hanna Play

Russian version

The most important joy here is in owning your own personal celebrity, which you can enjoy in every possible way, while simultaneously admiring her on the screen.

If you are not a fan, you can simply abandon the image and enjoy the realism of the toy (we are talking, of course, about the front, inside in full-size masturbators there is a relief structure that is far fr om being anatomically correct).

In my playful hands arrived a mini-version of Olesya Malibu from the Russian brand FlashNash (Our Flash) (to be honest, only after that I watched the film with her in order to compare).

On the packaging – her photo and parameters in order to accurately identify.

The first contact is gentle, touching and ambiguous, I had to adapt so that the “donut” does not go out of hands being covered with a lubricant (fortunately, there is a depression along the perimeter wh ere the fingers lie, you can squeeze it harder).

The penis looks quite intriguing when it peeks out of the vagina or anus. But you immediately want to meet him with your tongue and lips (if the young lady who participates in this process is bisexual, it turns out to be a very perky embodiment of fantasy).

There is no relief inside, that is, all the tactile joy is precisely from penetration into the holes and from the visual.

The donut stretches quite adequately, but for those who choose XXL condoms, I would not recommend it.

Can be used as a stopper when worn on the base of the penis.

What I can say:
– on the official website they write that the toys are made of silicone, the packaging says “bio-leather” – a realistic material that imitates leather with an average heat transfer;
– you will definitely need a lubricant (water-based);
– after use, wash, dry and sprinkle with special powder (otherwise it quickly becomes sticky);
– store separately from other toys;
– intricately combined with oral stimulation;
– no special effects;
– there is no feeling of emphasis (you can recreate it with your fingers, but then eye contact disappears);
– compact version, easy to hide and transport;
– affordable;
– can be used as an anti-stress toy.