Menstrual cups by Satisfyer: my experience

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Trying new things may seem challenging. When it comes to menstrual cups, it proves especially challenging. Shark pen, a blogger, told us about her “adventures” with this hygiene product.


Text and photos by: Shark Pen

Russian version

I started looking into menstrual cups about two years ago. Well, I didn’t move much. During the first year, I was reading about them, watching video reviews and a year later I bought a cup to give it a try. That was the simplest version, a classical bell-shaped cup. We tortured each other for a couple of cycles but we failed to make friends. I quitted all attempts, telling myself that, probably, that particular shape/brand simply didn’t fit me. I went back to my usual hygiene products and forgot about cups for almost a year.

When Satisfyer launched their Menstrual Cups on market, I began thinking seriously of giving cups a second chance: these cups have a non-classical shape, they are two in the kit and (highly important) their price is excellent-1000 rubles, no more.

That is really cool that were ahead and sent me Satisfyer Menstrual Cup for test. You will find my report below.

Let us start with nuts and bolts

Menstrual cup (cap or diaphragm)-is another hygiene product to be used during menstruation, instead of tampons and pads.

The cup is placed deep into the vagina to collect menstrual blood without absorbing it. Thanks to its shape, the cup sucks on vaginal walls, therefore, it cannot fall out or provoke leaks.

Menstrual cup is a reusable product: one kit will last for many years. And Satisfyer provides a 15-year warranty for their product. What I like about cups is not only the possibility to save money on disposable stuff, but mostly their ecological advantage-no bunch of tampons and pads are now left after each cycle of mine.

Before use, you should disinfect your cup through boiling for 3 minutes. Within each period of use, washing your cup with water and soap is enough.

Satisfyer Menstrual Cup and me: what happened

The kit contains:
– 2 cups for 15 and 20 ml;
– a purse for storage;
– a box (with magnetic lock and security seal);
– user’s manual.


Cups are made of medical silicone, they are soft and look lovely: like little fish.

Before the first use, I disinfected my cups and began fitting them, with great excitement, of course. Let me omit some details and state: Satisfyer Menstrual Cup took their position per-fect-ly! I was so much surprised and happy at the same time. On the second try, the cup “sucked” on me.

The fitting stage is completed.


The following and, probably, the most important stage is wearing. The very first time, I wore the cup for about 5 hours: no leaks occurred. Ok, there were no extreme testing conditions: I didn’t go swimming nor did headstands. Instead, I lied down, then took my dog for a walk and had a coffee sitting on a light-colored chair in a coffee shop. The cup proved successful in its direct duties. The only “but” is the following: the tail began chafing my skin. At the beginning of wearing, I didn’t even feel it, but two hours later, I felt some discomfort. So, I am thinking of cutting the tail for my next time. We’ll see what happens.


To be frank, the cups do not really need a tail, it only serves as a decoration, it is not the same as tampon’s string, and pulling the tail is not enough for removing the cup. If placed correctly, there is some vacuum developed inside the cup, so if you just put your fingers inwards or pull the tail, you won’t succeed (neither did I). To remove the cup, you will have to put some pressure on its bottom with two fingers to let some air in and then remove the cup carefully.

At this stage, I faced another challenge: the cup had sucked too tight. No matter how many times I squeezed it, it wouldn’t back off. Of course, it is a matter of experience. A tip for beginners like me: remove your cup while in the tub.


Surely, knack is needed for using menstrual cups. I have been using Satisfyer Menstrual Cup for two cycles and still I cannot say I handle it quick and easy.

Still, practice makes perfect.

Answering some of the questions as a bonus

What if the cup gets lost inside my body?

This is physiologically impossible. Our vagina has a bottom and it ends with cervix.

What if the cup’s content flows back inside me?

Again, this is physiologically impossible. Menstrual blood cannot flow back into the womb.

How long can I wear the cup?

You can wear the cup up to 12 hours. Usually, I place the cup in the morning and evening.

Can I do sports and go swimming with the cup inside?

Yes, you can. The vacuum developed inside the cup won’t let its content go out, the cup just sucks tight on vaginal walls.

I sincerely recommend using menstrual cups to every girl who has periods. No matter whether they are manufactured by Satisfyer or another brand. Obvious advantages: you cannot run out of cups as it suddenly happens with pads or tampons, cups are not “abrasive” like tampons, cups do not make you sweat like pads.

Cups help to save your money and they are eco-friendly. Honestly, I am their fan!

Cups we tested were provided by a wholesale company Astkol-Alfa.