Meet Simon

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Blogger O-la- la has tested electro sex from Mystim.


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Electricity and sex for me previously could not be in one sentence. But when I got a new friend, everything changed.

Black brutal Simon conquered me at the first sight. Its embossed trunk made of high-quality delicate silicone just become to touch it, move your hand up and down. Aesthetic orgasm!

Two super-powerful motors at the base and at the tip of the toy are fantastic. If you play with vibration only, you can get some completely new sensations. Deep stimulation inside, followed by stimulation at the entrance to the vagina. It was incredible for me!

I really wanted electrical stimulation, but I was afraid. Why? Everything unknown is scary for me. But Simon knows how to approach women! A slight tingling sensation is more like a tickling sensation. 

You want to build some muscles? Electrical stimulation will help, I have tested it myself.

Strong electrical "explosions" were very intense during sex with my beloved. With strong arousal, they abruptly complement penetration and do not frighten at all. Of course, we did not get to the strongest mode, there was no such goal. Everything is ahead.

You can play with Simon in the shower, but without electricity! It has a magnetical charger which is charming. It is located above the control buttons and looks like a "Hogwarts symbol". Red when charging, green when Simon is ready to work.

For playing solo, this guy did not suit me very much, although his diameter is only 4 cm. I love the feeling of fullness, but his ribs are not for tender nights. Maybe we need to get to know each other more?

Simon and I definitely have something between us. And the muscles of my vagina are screaming “Hurray, thank you!”, because they really became more elastic. I achieved this result by practicing with kegel for several weeks.

Here’s a brutal man that I’ve got. And he also has a very convenient case of incredible beauty in the kit, which keeps its shape and surely will travel with me.