Massage candle Dona – A strawberry soufflé

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Ronnie Black tried another tool for massage and delicious (in every sense) foreplay.


Text: Ronny Black (Saliva is not a lubricant)

Russian version

And again, a massage candle. This time fr om a subsidiary brand of System JO called Dona. They have candles only in large formats – 120ml. There are both regular and “kissable”, which means that the oil from the skin can be licked off, and it will be delicious. On tests, there was just the second variant with the smell of “strawberry soufflé”.

There is just a small question about the smell - for the most part it smells like white chocolate in general. No, it's delicious, but wh ere's my promised strawberry soufflé?

The oil in stiff condition is very dense. If you rub it with your finger, then almost nothing remains on it. (I sometimes use such hard oil as perfume on my neck and wrists, but here it will be problematic). It takes a very long time to heat it. This is suitable for some kind of romance. You sat down to have a romantic dinner, lit a candle so that it smelled delicious, and you wait an hour or two.

In 10 minutes - half a teaspoon, in 17 minutes – a teaspoon, the third photo shows the amount of oil that heated up in 45 minutes of continuous burning. Liquid oil practically does not smell, in contrast to its solid state. Temperature ok – it does not burn, you can pour it on the skin safely. But it will obviously be very warm.

A couple of oil-soaked fingertips were enough to smear your hand from hand to elbow! As you can imagine, this is an extremely economical expense. The oil is thick and greasy. It hardens gradually, becomes cloudy in the bowl itself, but after 15 minutes it remains soft.

On the skin, the smell is barely perceptible. This is just good for those who do not like bright “flashy” smells. Can be washed off with soap without problems. If you don’t, then there is no feeling of stickiness and grease, you do not need to worry. Well, it tastes sweet, pleasant and not cloying. The sensation of oil on the tongue is obvious, but not enough to pay much attention to it.

Total. A good candle with good oil, which is extremely economical to use. I don’t know how long these 120ml will last. For a year? The skin becomes very pleasant and velvety to the touch. Well, even while working in a sex shop, I loved to smear them with candles at training sessions with this brand. Then you go home and touch yourself by the hands. Well, when buying, you need to understand the fact that the oil does not melt very quickly, so don’t expect that everything will be ready in five minutes. No, it won't. This is how it is, dears.