Marshmallow for men – Men’s Max Pucchi Berry

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“When people talk about masturbators, they usually imagine very realistic-looking toys with the most popular images for imitation – vulva, anus, breasts. But you can't expect such naturalism from Men’s Max!” – HannaPlay.


Text and photo: HannaPlay

Russian version

The Pucchi series is looks like a marshmallow snowman that you want to throw in cocoa or just wrinkle in your hands, it is so touching. Zip-lock packaging also reinforces the association with candy, gum, and other goodies. Only then do you remember that this is a masturbator and can be used in a completely different way.


1. Japanese brand made in Japan (this is not so common).

2. 8 types of interior relief (multicolored packages with names – Berry, Cacao, Candy, Cream, Dot, Shower, Wave, Combo).

3. The white color of the material, for me personally, is a very controversial story, as it instantly gets dirty and loses its original appearance (even with clean hands and other parts of the body). I believed and hoped that the models would be of different colors, especially considering the edible names, but no.

4. TPE material has “marshmallow” feel and good thermal conductivity – it heats up quickly from body heat.

5. Technology + Wetch makes it possible to use the masturbator without additional lubrication, as it is included in the material itself. Just add water or saliva to the inside of Pucchi and go for it. At some point, the lubrication will run out, then use a water-based lubricant. It turns out slippery, savory and squishy.

6. Multifunctionality – use it however you want. Such a toy can be used in a self- play or with a partner, for active masturbation or supplementing oral stimulation. Put it on your fingers and caress your partner, use it as a “jammer” for a vibrator, take it with you on a trip or put it on your bedside table.

7. Simple in appearance. If a person doesn’t know, he or she will not understand.

8. Bumps, ribs, papillae are there, but pulled over the entire trunk, they are practically not felt due to the tenderness of the material. If you want to feel the relief, stop at the stimulation of the head.

9. Care. Use, wash, dry and take away. You can also pack it, but it's better to put it in a special bag.

10. The material is capricious and porous, so do not put it in a pile with other toys, do not pour oil and silicone. If you are going to share it with someone, do not forget about hygiene and health.

11. Cannot be used as a penis attachment or condom.

12. Affordable price 719-782 rubles.


The toy amused, entertained and surprised me a little. My man was quite pleased, although he loves a more rigid format of stimulation. The toy is perfect for addition and variety, as a present to a friend or as a couple, if you want to try something new, when you need a compact toy, for endurance training.