Mai Back to Basic Lubricant

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The new lubricant from the Spanish company was tested by the author of the telegram channel “Lena and her members”.

Text and photos: Lena and her members

Russian version

Silicone-based lubricants always have a special place in my heart. Because they fit most of my favorite practices. They can be used for petting and intimate massage as well as for the longest sex marathons. The only drawback: cannot be used with silicone toys, but sometimes you don't even want to add them. I loved the Mai brand even the moment I tried their liquid vibrator. So, it was interesting for me to make friends with silicone grease too!

The consistency of the lubricant is very thick, almost one of the thickest that I have ever tried. Due to its density, it is ideal for sex in the bathroom or shower, because it is unrealistic to wash it off with water! Moreover, even if applied in a fairly thin layer, the film of lubricant is still felt. And for me this is more a plus than a minus.

The composition contains only silicones, and nothing else. There are no fragrances and indistinct components. Some silicones, real basic. They glide for a long time, create a protective film and cover the skin with such a greasy layer of lubricant. The lubricant is not washed off with water, but becomes a full-fledged participant in the whole process. Due to its density and fat content, it prints terribly on bed linen. But it is washed off when washing at 40 degrees and does not leave spots.

If there is anything to find fault with, it is the jar. Maybe it's me, but it always pours out more than necessary. Fr om the same, all the stickers and descriptions peeled off the tube, literally after the third use. I'm waiting for the same lubricant, but in the dispenser, so as not to risk smearing everything around every time.

I recommend this lubricant to those who love it for a very long time and thickly, so that it is excellent-sliding, deep and long-lasting! With this lubricant, all movements become a little smoother and more piercing, so for me Back to basic is about returning to passionate sex, wh ere there are no toys or anything else. Only us (well, and a lubricant!).