Magic Wand

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Of the difference between today's Wanda and the legendary Hitachi, as well as how different are Domi and Lovense, told our author Tanya Asharina.


Text and photo: Tanya Asharina

Russian version

The Hitachi Magic Wand was originally conceived by the company as a back massager, but it is now one of the most recognizable sex toys. A memorable shape, powerful vibration and the ability to massage not only the clitoris, but the whole body made Magic Wand an indisputable favorite among sophisticated ladies. The people nicknamed the toy “Cadillac among vibrators”.

An interesting massager (or rather its reduced version) managed to light up in the TV series “Sex and the City”. In one of the episodes, Samantha sings laudatory odes to it and wonders if someone is using the device as a massager and not as an assistant for self-satisfaction. After the episode aired in 2002, sales skyrocketed with girls of all ages sweeping merchandise off the shelves. Unlike the toys in the series, the real Hitachi has more impressive dimensions and weighs more than half a kilogram. It is quite difficult for fragile girls to cope with such an impressive apparatus. Plus, the original massager works exclusively from the outlet, which takes away the opportunity to move away from the outlet by more than 2 meters. But technology does not stand still, after almost 50 years, the sex industry has released a huge number of toys in whose outlines it is easy to recognize the ideological mastermind, but are they able to surpass the original? One of the brightest and most noteworthy representatives is Domi from Lovense.

Lovense is known for its distance sex technologies (the official term is “teledildonics”). Their app lets you connect to toys from anywhere on the planet with Wi-Fi, plus they support Bluetooth connectivity for public play.

Toys are also popular with webcam models, as they allow you to convert tokens (the currency that viewers use as tips for a model) into vibration. The more money a girl received as a reward from her patron, the more the device vibrates.

Domi, with its modest size of 23 centimeters, has an incredibly powerful vibration. According to the manufacturers themselves, it is stronger not only than the original Hitachi, but also than Lelo wands as well as any existing analogues on the market. The toy has 3 speed modes and several classic patterns (ripple, wave, etc.). For those who find this insufficient, the application allows you to draw your own vibration pattern, as well as download templates from other users around the world!

In the application, you can configure Domi so that it responds to sounds around you. The more intense the music or the girl's moans, the stronger the motor inside the toy will spin, delivering indescribable pleasure.

The toy is made of velvety black silicone, the design is laconic, it is pleasant to both give and receive such a toy as a present. There is a backlit button, plus a bezel with white LEDs flickering in time with vibration is located above the handle. Domi is controlled by two buttons that are responsible for turning on, off and changing the intensity. The wand is charged using the included wire. Please note that the charging port is not waterproof, so be careful not to get water into the socket when cleaning.

Unlike Hitachi this toy is much more compact, in the hand it lies just perfectly without slipping out and without giving extra load. And no more wires! Domi holds a charge from one and a half to two hours, depending on the intensity of vibration. As a result, we have an analogue, which is not only devoid of the disadvantages of its predecessor, but also has a number of advantages.

For personal use, the toy seemed to me much nicer in shape and size than analogues of other brands. And the vibration here is simply incredibly strong, at the third speed the wand turns into a club, which is not inferior in power to a jackhammer. A real “must have” for girls with reduced clitoral sensitivity, as well as for those who wanted to try the forced orgasm technique. At the very first stage, the device warms up and teases perfectly, I strongly advise you to try it together with a water-based warming lubricant.

An interesting fact: a number of studies have revealed that Magic Wand is able to cure women from anorgasmia (inability to have an orgasm), during the experiment, which was attended by 500 women, more than 93% had their first orgasm (these facts can be found on the Internet)! I bet that Domi, whose power surpasses that of Hitachi, is also able to save a woman of this ailment.

The remote control function is also noteworthy. While in Moscow, I was able to test Domi with a partner who was in St. Petersburg. The phone and toy connection succeeded pretty quickly with a custom invitation generated by the app. We were able to communicate in the application's voice chat and even have a video conference. In the end, both were incredibly satisfied. To our common surprise, controlling the Domi is just as fun as enjoying the vibration. According to the guy: “It's great to know that I am responsible for your pleasure, being physically in another city. Full effect of presence”.

The control seemed to the young man intuitive and convenient, although a couple of times during the video call there were breaks, but this did not knock us off the erotic mood at all. The Bluetooth connection seemed to us more convenient and effective, I have no complaints about the range and the response.

Who is Domi for? For all the happy owners of the clitoris. Girls who are just starting to discover the world of sex toys are often afraid not to guess with the size of their first vibrator, but this will not be a problem with this toy, because the clitoris is the most powerful erogenous zone for most women. More advanced users will appreciate the device for its power, pleasant material and an application that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of sex at a distance.