Magic Sundae by Magic Motion

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Ronnie Black on the benefits of a new toy and an updated app.


Text and photo: Ronny Black (Saliva is not a lubricant)

Russian version

Recently Magic Motion has released another new product called Magic Sundae, this is a very small vibrating egg with a smartphone remote control. Magic Motion is a Chinese brand, the one that is reliable.

So, about the toy. Silicone, plug-in charging, one-year warranty. One control button for everything, it is located on the tail of the toy, which, obviously, remains outside. Pressing it for a second turns on the device and also switches modes, but if you hold the button for three seconds, the device turns off. On the one hand, the plus is that the toy starts working very quickly, in a second, and on the other hand, if you decide to go somewhere with it, then an uncomfortable situation may arise when the device turns on at the wrong time. Splash proof, not waterproof. That is, you can use it in the shower, but don’t bathe it.

Magic Sundae has 10 different vibration patterns, but I was more interested in the app. Magic Motion has improved it, now the connection goes very quickly and without bugs (with Satisfyer it was differently). And as for me, the strength of vibration, if you set it via the application, is stronger than just via the button. They also added games to the application. Previously, there was only a guitar and bubbles bursting, that's all. Voice control, vibration to the music and other delights are obviously in place. But what pleased me separately was the presence of the background mode. I without a twinge of conscience went to Instagram, activated all sorts of stories and videos in the feed, and voila – now you can watch your favorite bloggers online. Although, in general, you can do this with any background video or music, keep in mind.

The toy itself, by the way, is generally small, very well suited for those who do not like large devices or are afraid of them. Plus, it is corrugated, which is not strong, but adds sensation. The only thing that confuses me is the tail of the toy. It is as much as 10 cm, yes, but it looks like my cats can damage it with one tooth. Accordingly, I keep this miracle only in a box. And then something tells me that the cat's actions are not covered by the warranty.

Total. Nice device, especially with the app. Moreover, realizing that it costs very little and has so many functions.

The Magic Sundae toy was provided for the review by lavkafreida (Freud's Shop).