Magic Rabbit by Satisfyer

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Alina Nagornaya has tested Magic Bunny on herself


© Alina Nagornaya

Russian version

If you want to feel the charm of games with a vibrator, but expensive toys do not fit into the budget, and cheaper options do not inspire confidence, then you should definitely take a closer look at the line of vibrators of the proven Satisfyer brand!  Particular attention should be paid to the Magic Bunny rabbit vibrator, this compact baby will give a magical sensation!

What is it?

A small rabbit vibrator (the length of the working part is about 9 centimeters) with a curved head for stimulating the G-zone and a flexible clitoral part, an ideal vibrator for beginners and all others. The toy is made of soft, silky lavender-colored silicone, flexible and incredibly pleasant to the touch, there is a loop to make it comfortable to hold the vibrator during use (it won't slip away!).


12 stimulation modes: light vibration, increasing, “blinking mode”, intense vibration... There is plenty to choose from. The only thing missing here is a separate motor control and the ability to disable/enable each of them separately. The vibration of the clitoral part, if necessary, can be stopped by bending it, but turning off the vibration of the vaginal part, alas, is impossible.

Intuitive control with three buttons: one to turn the toy on and off, two to change the intensity and vibration modes. That’s all!

What else?

The toy is waterproof, the level of water resistance is IPх7, which means that you can take it with you to the shower and even to the bath, the rabbit will endure all.

As for Magic Bunny’s magnetic charging it is very convenient. However, the time it takes for the vibrator to fully charge is not – 3.5 hours!

Impressions and conclusions

The baby rabbit turned out to be really quite and curious neighbors and your family members will not hear the hum of the motors, by the way, there are two of them – one in the clitoral process and the other in the head of the device.

It is ideal for both solo play and for couples. Due to the modest size of the toy, it is convenient to use it to simulate double penetration, as well as to stimulate the clitoris, nipples and other erogenous zones of both partners.

The presence of the clitoral process and the ability to use it as a stopper makes the vibrator available for anal play, the main thing is not to forget about the lubricant. Important! If you use the toy both anally and vaginally, then put a condom on it!

In solo play, you can practice the bridge technique. Although the toy does not have a separate motor control, the clitoral part easily bends to the side.

With this magical rabbit, you need to use a water-based lubricant, wash it with warm water and soap and treat with a toycleaner. Let it dry thoroughly, store it in a cloth bag. If you follow these simple rules, the toy will last long.