Lubrication kits: get a taste

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The author of the telegram channel “Tirelessly!” Anastasia Kurshankova speaks on the benefits of lubricant kits.


Text: Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

Russian version

It may seem strange for a sex blogger but in pair sex I rarely use toys (well, not that very rarely, but certainly not every time). But our number one consumable is lubricants and intimate cosmetics.

In general, I think that this category of sex products is greatly underestimated: as a rule, lubricants are bought last, according to the principle of “we take the cheapest one” and people do not expect anything supernatural from them, although a good lubricant can affect sensations very strongly!

Today I will show two new items: a set of Infuse stimulating gels from Swiss Navy and a trio of edible lubricants – System Jo Triple Pack Gelato. God bless the mini-version makers! Such volumes are ideal to try a new product and not waste a lot of money, but at the same time to understand whether you like the effect or not.

The Infuse set is made by my favorite Swiss Navy: I love it for the largest variety of volumes, quality and reasonable prices. They have a versatile Sensual Arousal gel that will work for both partners, and Infuse is an aphrodisiac and a prolonging agent for him and a sensation enhancer for her. The bottles have a different composition; in the male one – there is a stimulating extract of the Butea superba plant, in the female - niacin and mint essential oil. It is necessary to literally apply one drop, massage a little, and the magic begins! Infuse For Him makes erection harder, which enhances sensations for both, and Infuse For Her sharpens sensitivity and prolongs the arousal phase, that is, not one orgasm, but several!

Triple Pack Gelato is a set of three, for my taste, the most delicious System Jo lubricants (and they are generally famous for their tastes): salted caramel, chocolate with mint and crème Brule. All three are based on sucralose, that means no calories, no harm to microflora - they can even be safely used vaginally! And they are VERY, very tasty, not sugary and not sticky, the only thing is that the consumption is not very economical: I pour them immoderately, because it is delicious! By the way, System Jo has two more sets: Classics and Flavors, you can try all the hits of the brand and not go broke.

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