Like two drops – a review of the “male” lubricant

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What Cobeco Male White lubricant for men looks like and whether it is suitable for women, Alina Luab has figured out.


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Nowadays it's not a secret for anyone what a lubricant is and what it is used for. The only secret is how to choose a really good, high-quality harmless lubricants from a huge variety so that the pleasant things do not end by trouble.

Today I want to introduce you to Cobeco Male White, a water-based white lubricant. This lubricant, as you might guess from the name, was developed for men and adapted for anal sex (it even looks very much like semen outwardly – like two drops, you cannot tell). But adapted does not mean it is intended only for anal sex – it is great for vaginal sex as well.

The fact that this is a lubricant for men is also indicated by the appearance of the tube – an absolutely inconspicuous, laconic and gel-like form for styling a beard with a convenient dispenser. No one will ever notice it or guess what it is until they read the label. This is a huge plus for shy people who prefer not to flaunt their interests, but who love to receive guests!

What is it in business?

As I have already indicated, this lubricant has an incredibly convenient dispenser: in the midst of a game, you don't need to unscrew the caps or uncork the caps – just press and go, quickly and conveniently! Convenience is also added by the fact that with such a dispenser the lubricant will definitely not spread if the tube suddenly falls.

This lubricant is not suitable for oral sex at all. It has a very unpleasant chemical smell and a sour-bitter taste. This combination cannot be tolerated even under a great desire.

With manual caresses, the lubricant upset me: it glides well only for the first few minutes, then it becomes very viscous and sticky, and an additional drop of lubricant does not save the situation – I want to quickly wash it off the skin. Whether it becomes more slippery when saliva is added – alas, it was not possible to check because of the taste and smell.

Upon penetration, the story is a little better: mixing with the natural lubrication of the vagina, the lubricant glides well and gives a pleasant sensation, but, again, not for long. After 10-15 minutes, it becomes viscous and you have to face a choice: add more or wash it off completely.

The lubricant is washed off very easily – warm water is enough to completely wash off the lubricant from the skin – but not the smell. Here you have to once again rub the skin with a soap in order to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

In addition to the mentioned disadvantages of this lubricant I was confused by the composition. Almost completely natural, with the exception of the added cleaning surfactant, sodium cetyl sulfate, which is usually added to cleaning products. Perhaps this was the thing that gave the lubricant that unpleasant smell.


I confess honestly, I was very disappointed. The pros are: modest, inconspicuous packaging and a convenient dispenser. The cons: an unpleasant odor that is difficult to wash off, slips a little and quickly becomes sticky and viscous, a dubious composition. I don’t think this product will take any place on my pedestal of sex attributes, and therefore I cannot recommend it.

 Editorial note. Unfortunately, Alina did not answer the question of whether the lubricant is good for its intended purpose. Nevertheless, we believe that the testing carried out provides some useful information.