Lelo F1S V2 – a device for sex geeks

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A masturbator created for thrill seekers was tested by blogger Arina Vintovkina and her partner.


Text and photo: Arina Vintovkina

Russian version

“The case when I wish I had a clitoris” – men regularly wrote to me after each review on the Womanizer, Satisfyer and others like them non-contact stimulators. The guys grieved so loudly that their groans apparently reached the ears of the producers.

First, the ION appeared on the market, called the “male Womanizer”, because it has the same filling as in female stimulants – Pleasure Air.

The Lelo brand has its own proprietary SenSonic non-contact clitoral stimulation technology (the same technology is stuffed with Lelo Sona). They warmed up for a long time, threw prototypes on the market and finally gave birth to the final version: Lelo F1S™ V2.

So what is the Lelo F1S™ V2?

In simple terms, this is a metal “glass” lined inside with the softest medical silicone (in some places - smooth, in others - ribbed), which can simultaneously vibrate and stimulate waves. The device has two motors: one gives normal vibrations, the other operates using SenSonic™ technology (waves resonate through the silicone along the entire length of the penis).

The unit can be controlled both fr om the buttons on the case and through a free application. The app - even to the eyes of a person who doesn't like extra sophistication – is super wonderful. It connects to the toy via Bluetooth, the interface is stylized as a racing sports car, the controls are simple. The smartphone screen displays two “motors”, each of which can be adjusted for yourself: sel ect the desired mode (there are both straight and “dancing”) and adjust the power.

The device is male, so I can't share my personal user impressions. Here comes Mr. V.

A small lyrical digression. Very conditionally, all people in relation to sex toys can be divided into two types: “experimenters and curious” (those who are about developing sensitivity and getting a new sensory experience, respectively, they want new sensations fr om devices that are NOT available during normal human sex, and for them – the more unusual, the better) and “Old Believers” (for whom the more it looks like ordinary human sex, the better). Lelo F1S™ V2 is definitely a device for “experimenters”. And my husband is from the category of “Old Believers”, so read his impressions, keeping this fact in mind and comparing his reasoning with your own views.

So, the opinion of Mr.V.

“I'm not sure the Lelo F1S™ V2 will become my favorite sex toy because there is so much more toys in it than there is sex. It seemed to me that the developers were thinking in this spirit: boys love cars and gadgets, and they also love sex – let's combine this!

In my case, this is not entirely correct logic. This is roughly how I think: children love chocolate and constructors – let's make a constructor out of chocolate! It looks, perhaps, cool, but it is unlikely that you can really play with such a constructor. Chocolate remains chocolate. So here: the toy remains a toy, but not something about sex...

Perhaps, of course, I'm just an “old believer”. In the sense that I do not expect fundamentally new sensations from sex toys. I am more than satisfied with the classic layout: soft, tight-fitting texture, reciprocating movements ... The more interaction with a toy is like normal sex, the better I am. Maybe the other guys have something different about it. Perhaps someone is looking for unusual experiences along the way. Perhaps for some, these very sensations in the process are generally more important than the result. Then they should take a look at the Lelo F1S™ V2.

Of course, many of my favorite masturbators offer some extra sensitive kit. Well, for example, spinners, classic “eggs” – are quite soft in themselves, and you can adjust the tightness of the fit and the depth of penetration with your hand. And there are things wh ere you can adjust the “suction” force. But the principle of operation does not change. And it's cool, because it's like having sex with a partner, but with a different, unfamiliar, new one.

By analogy, it’s like riding different types of bicycles: this one is sporty, this one is a tricycle, and this one has a super-wide handlebar and a long front fork.

But you still make the usual and understandable movements with your legs, you know how to control it and you can easily get from point A to point B.

Playing with the Lelo F1S™ V2 is hard to compare to sex. You put the device on your penis, turn it on - and then you begin to adjust to the unusual vibrations, trying to push off from them, like from an unstable platform, to jump into orgasm.

It’s as if the bike worked from turning the head and shrugging the shoulders: it’s difficult to adapt to such a fundamentally new way of movement. Although, with some skill, it is still possible to make the path from point A to point B. And it will probably even be funny to someone. Therefore, it is so difficult to isolate the classic pros and cons of the Lelo F1S™ V2. What is a minus for me will, on the contrary, be a plus for someone. For example, the Lelo F1S™ V2 does not really reciprocate in the process. And if you do start to do them, it will squelch deafeningly. For me, this is a minus. But a person who gets high from high-tech vibrations (or is simply excited by hearing the noise of a racing car engine) would not even think to make such movements – then the “minus” is canceled. The device is most likely suitable for those who find in themselves the passion for exploring the sensitivity of their own penis, for the search for new sensations. A kind of sex meditation.

Well, or guys with a vibration kink who love technology and the roar of a motor.

And, most likely, it is NOT suitable for paired games (what is there to do to the second person, while the first one listens to himself – I cannot imagine; any additional stimulation will, as it seems to me, only distract). Not suitable for classic masturbation to porn (or it should be very specific porn).”

Thank you for your feedback, Mr. V.!

Lelo F1S™ V2 Technical Details

The sealed metal body of the toy is beautiful, comfortable and pleasant to hold in your hands. But! The F1S™ V2 is not exactly suitable for every penis size, because the body does not stretch in any way! Actual dimensions of the toy: inner sleeve length – 111 mm, inner girth – from 129.5 mm to a maximum of 150 mm. Compare with your own intimate dimensions, so that it is definitely not enough.

According to the authors' idea, the silicone from which the inner “sleeve” is made should fit tightly enough for the penis to feel the maximum impact in the desired areas. Therefore, a lot of lubricant can and should be poured so that there are no uncomfortable sensations.

There are many modes and different ones. Plus, there's Lelo's patented Cruise Control technology. Do not be lazy to install the application – there all modes are clearly visible, and each can be adjusted for yourself.

You can wash, wet, bathe F1S™ V2. Despite the charging plug, the device is positioned as waterproof.

Looks F1S™ V2 in its latest reincarnation – blue metallic – fantastically elegant and expensive. The packaging, as always with Lelo, is discreetly luxurious: without unnecessary embellishments, but it feels like holding a box from a brand new MacBook in your hands.

The Lelo F1S™ V2 is, of course, a bit cosmic money. Which is not surprising: today on the market it is objectively the most technologically stuffed device for men.

The device is provided by the vsexshop store.

The editors remind that the above is the personal opinion of the author, which may not coincide with the opinion of other testers. This is the first test of this masturbator. But our site has a press release about it.