Laya II by Fun Factory

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About acquaintance and tender friendship with the unjustly underestimated Laya II.


Text and photos: Lalo Bye

Russian version

I'll be honest with you, I was fascinated by the Fun Factory brand almost immediately, as soon as I got one of their devices in my hands. This happened long before I had the first toy fr om their line.

How did this happen?

Believe it or not, a lucky chance brought us together with Laya! In our organization, there was a training fr om manufacturers, wh ere one of the speakers were representatives of Fan Factory Russia.

All those present at the training pulled pieces of paper from the bag. Most were blank, and mine and another person’s had the word Fun written on it. With a short quiz on the speed of responses, I overcame my colleague and received the main prize of the day – Laya II.

What happened next?

Some kind of magic began, no less! We became friends with young Miss Laya almost immediately. Although I had previous experience with sex toys, I did not like any of them. It was Laya who became for me a real guide to a new wonderful world.

Laya II is a stunningly anatomical clitoral stimulator. Due to its dimensions (length – 10.5 cm, diameter - 4.1 cm), it fits very comfortably in the palm of your hand, creating ample room for maneuver. Due to its shape, the device also very successfully follows the curve of the pubic bone, which makes it possible to use the toy without holding it with your hands. And although the stimulant is declared as clitoral, in fact it can stimulate the whole body, any erogenous zones, both your own and your partner's.

Of course, most often I prefer to use Laya II for its intended purpose – directly for masturbation. And she does an excellent job because due to the high sensitivity I can get a delicious orgasm within a couple of minutes, even at the first speed. And there are as many as 10 of them! You can play and play tirelessly.

As for using in pairs, it is more like a selfish pleasure for yourself wh ere you get a storm of emotions and sensations, but for a partner it is more of a normal contact with a strange buzzing. It should be noted that my partner, in principle, does not really understand the joke of “battery- powered masturbators”. He doesn't enjoy them. In my case the idea of taking vibro-toys to bed – is pure selfishness (but worth a try).

I want to note one more way you can have a great time with this magic wand. It is insanely simple, pleasant and charged for relaxation. Just put it between your legs while you watch a movie or TV show in the evening. Laya will do everything for you, enveloping you with care and pleasure.

Let's go through the technical characteristics:
– completely covered with silicone, there is a plastic insert on the fold;
– 10 vibration modes (the first three are enough for me);
– powerful, but quiet vibration (rather muffled rumble);
– rechargeable motor with magnetic charging;
– the “memory” function, which activates your favorite mode of your choice the next time you turn it on (I don't use it, but it might come in handy);
– blocking of buttons from accidental activation during transportation;
– 100% waterproof (due to the fact that I prefer a bed or a sofa – I don't want to get the toy to the bathroom at all, but these are my personal preferences).

At the moment, there are significantly more different toys in my collection than there were at the time of the appearance of Laya II. But you know what? The hand still reaches for it in the first place! After all, she is so simple, understandable and reliable, it is always a pleasure to spend time with her. A real friend of my harsh days!