Kegel Rejuve by Magic Motion: training PFMs

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Anastasia Kurshankova spoke about the new Kegel simulator with love for the brand.


Text: Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

Russian version

I love the Magic Motion brand for the fact that you can find rather inexpensive toys with smartphone control and this will be a nice high-quality device. If the assortment was larger, then it would be totally fantastic!

Magic Motion Kegel Rejuve is a brand new pelvic floor muscle trainer. Unlike their previous machines, it is narrower and more compact, and, according to the manufacturer, more comfortable for exercising. Well, let's see!

The body of Kegel Rejuve is elongated, covered with smooth medical silicone and the flexible tail of the toy is made of it. In the widest part, the diameter of the simulator is 3 cm, the length is 7 cm – these parameters really feel comfortable. Kegel Rejuve is easier to insert and position correctly (not too deep, target muscles are close to the vaginal opening). The tail of the device does not hang down, as it is usual with similar trainers: it is bendable, and thanks to this, Kegel Rejuve is much easier to hold inside.

The toy can be used in two ways: turn it on by pressing the button located at the end of the tail, and then the simulator will respond with vibration to muscle contraction, or synchronize it with the phone. The toy has fast, stable connection and does not fall off. The program advises the correct body position for exercises, tells you how to insert the device correctly, and chooses the optimal training mode (there are six of them). It also seemed to me that Kegel Rejuve responds better to pressure: the brand has improved the sensors in the toy body, and you can really feel it.

The simulator was provided for the test by the lavkafreida (Freud's shop) online store.