Is your card off the table?

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Blogger Salem Witch told us what she thinks about anal plug with card suits.


Text and photo: Salem Witch

Russian version

– How to turn your girlfriend into the Queen of Spades in one minute? – with this phrase, I opened the black box that was sent to me for review. Inside there was a cardboard package with a small transparent window where a new toy is comfortably located. This is a small butt plug in brushed stainless steel with four crystal-shaped screw-on stoppers to match the shape of Kanikule's card suits.

This young English company mainly manufactures crystal and tail plugs, as well as various penis attachments. I must say right away that the quality of the toy’s quality is much higher than that of analogues purchased fr om Aliexpress, wh ere glue drips are often visible or the stone is kept on persuasion.

The plug has a classic conical shape, the toy has no additional functions. The size is very small and is ideal for a beginner – the immersion part is only 7 cm, and the diameter of the widest place is 3 cm. The cork is cool both as part of the preparation for anal sex and before using larger toys. You can also use cork as a decoration – what if you want a holiday? It looks cute, and due to its tiny size, it can be worn for a long time. In addition, the stoppers here can be changed to suit your mood.

Perhaps, the twisting interchangeable stoppers are the biggest advantage of this toy. I played for a long time, choosing one stone, then another. Each stopper has a small screw that is screwed into the stem of the plug. You can change the stoppers only outside the partner's body, do not do this when the toy is inside, otherwise the ambulance will also interfere with your games.

The plug itself is smooth, with no seams or irregularities. Additional pleasure is brought by playing with temperature – the metal heats up well and cools slowly. For example, before using the cork, you can hold it under hot water for a short time and surprise your partner.

Any lubricant is suitable, the metal does not deteriorate due to an incorrectly selected lubricant. With care, too, there will be no difficulties, just wash the toy under running water with soap and use a toy cleaner. I recommend removing the stopper and washing the parts separately. There is no vibration or motors in the toy, so it is ok to completely immerse it in water.

As with all metal toys, make sure they are completely dry before storing.

For its size, the plug is quite weighty and feels pleasantly heavy in the body, but it is held well by the muscles due to the very thin base. I had concerns about the size of the stopper. It seems small, and I was afraid that the toy could completely dive into the body, but this did not happen. In any case, control the process and carefully monitor the force with which you introduce it.

What is your favorite suit?

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