Iris by Svakom

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"Eight times I came, two times I lost my way. Total: 8/10 " - Lemeroku.


Text and photos: Lemeroku

Russian version

I had been looking at Iris a few months – a powerful battery and excellent vibration encouraged to take take it among similar products. The size and shape were doubtful because I like rabbits of a standard diameter more than branded Svakom spoons. Either way, the spoon won.

Iris is positioned as a vibrator for both the clitoris and the G-spot. I only use it externally: it is too thin for me, the thickening only in the head area does not give a feeling of complete fullness. The size is suitable for both beginners and experienced: with a length of 18 cm and a diameter of 3 cm it is very comfortable to hold in the hand. The head is soft, flexible, easily adjusts to the individual features of the anatomy. It doesn't feel like a regular dildo stick. The head has a circular relief for additional stimulation, its beauty is revealed when used in the shower.

It is controlled from just one button, and there is a choice of 5 vibration modes and 5 intensity options (1 press – the strength of the intensity, 2 presses – change the mode). This is enough for me, however, I can get lost and, instead of one click, I do two. Or, on the contrary a smart mode would help here.

Why I bought Iris? Gentle and deep stimulation, quiet motor, powerful battery (a full charge in 1.5 hours gives 2 hours of work, and it feels like all 5) and the softest silicone. Low-frequency vibration: it resembles sensual oral caresses; all its charm is revealed in the possibility of obtaining multiple orgasms. I also love the manufacturer's minimalist design.

I often take the device with me to the shower – the waterproof level of IPX7 allows it. The combination of vibration and water droplets changes the sensation.

Use it with water based lubricants. A water-silicone hybrid is not prohibited, but it is better not to deviate from the recommendations – the toy will last longer. Care is simple: warm water and soap + toy cleaner (no, God forbid, miramistins and chlorhexidines).

Includes: magnetic charger, velvet storage pouch, certificate of authenticity and specification manual.

The manufacturer gives a year of warranty from the date of registration of the device. If something happens to it after the expiration date, then a 50% discount is given on any purchase. The manufacturer's confidence in the quality of its products is justified – the spoon has been working for the second year without any complaints, the battery still holds a charge well and nothing happened to the silicone.