Intimate cosmetics with hemp oil

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Blogger Maria Chesnokova spoke about the experience of using the new Сanadian HighOnLove products.


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Russian version

An interesting brand fr om Canada came to me for a test drive. All intimate cosmetics of HighOnLove brand are made on the basis of hemp seed oil, namely from sattiva.

I really hoped these lubricants would be based on CBD. This is one of the elements found in marijuana, but unlike THC (Editor’s .– tetrahydrocannabinol), it does not have any psychoactive properties). It is used as a relaxant and pain reliever, and in some countries it is even prescribed by doctors. In Berlin, for example, it is sold in an official store, wh ere anyone can buy it. But in Russia, CBD is still banned, so we won’t see for products based on it soon, although the effect from it is much safer than that of alcohol, but now we are not talking about that.

Does hemp oil have any effect?

No, these lubricants do not provide any psychoactive or relaxing effects. In this case, cannabis oil is used only as an additional moisturizing method.

I tested two products: a stimulating oil and a stimulating gel. Both products turned out to be almost the same in texture: the oil is thicker, the gel is slightly thinner. Both include peppermint oil, which has a warming effect. According to my feelings, the effect of both jars were the same, what the difference was, I did not understand. Interestingly, my friends have tested these products and felt the cooling effect. As they say, many clits, many minds!


– gives warmth and pleasant pulsation due to the rush of blood, which increases sensitivity;
– the effect lasts for about 15 minutes, if necessary, you can add a few drops and the effect will continue;
– enhances your own lubrication, can be used as a foreplay before sex;
– combine carefully with oral sex, the taste may seem bitter;
– suitable for conscious masturbation and for couples’ sex;
– carefully read the contents if you are allergic;
– the consistency is quite liquid, but at the same time it glides well and can be used as an independent lubricant (given the small volume, I would recommend using it as a liquid vibrator for the clitoris, combined with a neutral water-based lubricant.);
– the gels are oil-based, but the special formula allows them to be safely used with latex condoms.


– quite expensive;
– may not fit individually, you simply will not feel any effect, but this is a feature of all liquid vibrators, you cannot say in advance which one will be suitable for you.

Who is suitable for:

– for those who have a sensitive clitoris, since for people with low and medium sensitivity gels may seem too weak in terms of effect (everything is individual, you need to try);
– for those who love chic packaging (the bottles are pleasant to hold in their hands, they have convenient dispensers, and they look great on the bedside table, more like a face serum than a clitoris product);
– those who want to make an unusual gift for themselves or a friend (this is exactly the thing that you can hardly buy for yourself, but it is nice to receive it as a gift).

Personal impressions

I turned out to be the person for whom the stimulation turned out to be too weak and not particularly perceptible. Especially after the things like Orgie and YesForLov. But at the same time, when I posted a photo of HighOnLove, I received a bunch of reviews from women who said that this is the best thing that had happened to their clitoris, and they use it now on a regular basis. This only confirms what I wrote above. When we talk about liquid vibrators, everything is very individual.

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