Infiniti and Tease Vibrators by Nomi Tang

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Arina Vintovkina's new test drive on two curious Nomi Tang devices.


Text and photo: Arina Vintovkina

Russian version

I have a strange story with Nomi Tang toys.

I always have failed expectations with them. Not in the sense that I am disappointed. And in terms of the fact that, looking at the device in the photo, reading the description and calling on all my sex blogging expertise for help, I assume that the toy will be good for some purposes and with one initial sensitivity, but in fact after testing, it comes out altogether all wrong.

There could be a long and heartfelt monologue about how lucky people are to have sex bloggers and not have to choose a sex toy blindly. But better just read about two curious devices from the brand that I absolutely love: the Infiniti and Tease.

I saw Infiniti a universal rabbit

But in fact, it turned out to be very highly specialized.

There is a feeling that it will be a great fit for the owners of a high-set clitoral head – 5 cm or more from the entrance to the vagina. Knowing how difficult it is to find this type of device for such anatomical realities, I suppose that now many will exhale with relief: “Well, finally, something for us!”

The problem with standard “rabbits” is that the clitoral part often simply does not reach as high as necessary and the vibration flies by, which, of course, is disappointing. With Infiniti, on the contrary, those who have the head of the clitoris 4-3.5 cm or less from the entrance will not be satisfied. That, you see, it is generally difficult to imagine looking at the photo; the clitoral part looks very compact, not a lobe, but such a neat tubercle. But the fact remains: when the immersed part is inside the vagina and you push it against the front wall (it bends slightly at the base), the clitoral part is lifted up high enough.

(I hear a question from the audience, but how can one generally measure the distance of the clitoris from the entrance? I have not come up with anything more useful than a flexible ruler).

Also, to make friends with Infiniti you need to be a lover of deep penetrations. The immersion part of this device is rather big (14 cm), and the thickening at the end is quite serious (circumference – 12.5 cm, editor's note: about 4 cm in diameter).

Why else is Infiniti good?

Good looking! Officially certified: In 2014, Infiniti was awarded the Red-Dot Design Award.

Two motors (one in the trunk, the other in the clitoral process), which are controlled from separate buttons. Which is very useful if you want to train using the “Bridge” technique (the practice of transferring sensitivity) or just like to build up excitement in a non-linear way, and playing with vibrations from above, then inside, then in tandem, then again something one.

Travel-lock function (so as not to frustrate customs officers with suspiciously buzzing hand luggage).

All in all, Infiniti can be more than a worthwhile option if you have a high-set clitoral head / NOT short vagina / medium sensitivity.

With Tease I was wrong with too.

When I looked at this handsome guy on the photo, I had the feeling that this curved tip of it would lightly tease the head of the clitoris (like Volita from FF), and then, after warming up, it would be possible to move on to solid penetrative activities.

In fact, it turned out that Tease with superficial stimulation does not simply tease but deafens. Even at minimum speed, this tail is still a beast. Plus, the stimulation is actually focused at one point. So, the device is suitable, rather, for the clitoris with low sensitivity (when you usually need to be stronger and more energetic). With my average sensitivity, I used not the very tip of the toy on the head of the clitoris, but a flat rounded part – the vibration is perfectly felt there too.

How this crazy ponytail feels inside is a very different thing. It was rather a tickling sensation for me (I won't say that I'm a fan, but it was curious) and for Mrs. B it seemed too intense. But if you have sensitive areas inside focused in some specific and small areas, Tease definitely has the potential to reach them with sniper accuracy. Plus, the trunk has some kind of anatomically very correct curvature, and the trunk itself is dense, but bends wonderfully, so that it slips inside as if it had always been there.

Personally, my favorite use of Tease is to attach the toy on top so that the tail rages at the entrance to the vagina and the vibration from the flat part of the barrel gets to the head of the clitoris and labia. And with such a castling with small swaying, slipping, and pressing movements, you can quickly enough send yourself to the “orgasm” station.

What else is Tease good at?

Touch slider “i-touch” instead of buttons. A very beautiful and unusual idea: you slide the pad of your finger over the panel – and the speed increases/decreases. But it is a little mean if the toy is picked up by a person whose last 100 devices were push-buttons (I mean myself). The first times I was afraid to brush off the mode with a random movement of my hand during use. But in reality, there were no difficulties with operation – thanks to the loop handle. And it seems I understood why the manufacturer designed this type of control. The smooth sliding of your fingers on the slider evokes much more sensual associations than when you poke at the buttons. Plus, the effect of novelty. Plus, it just looks beautiful. In short, I appreciated the idea.

External showiness. If phallus – shaped sex toys evoke complex emotions in you or your partner, then there will be no associations with penises. For me Tease reminds of some bizarre, a little insidious flower.

In total, Tease can be more than a good option if you have: a low-sensitivity clitoral head / high-sensitivity zones inside the vagina, the geolocation of which you know for sure.

Advantages of both toys

Very splendidly packaged (for which the Nomi Tang brand is generally famous, which I myself call “Lelo for the people”): a solid case, trimmed with white satin from the inside. You take it in your hands – and it feels like it's a toy not for 5000, but at least for 15000.

Waterproof (you can play in the bathroom too).

They are made of the most pleasant medical silicone, without a single stitch on the body.

They do not work deafeningly, but give a pleasantly deep vibration.

The devices were provided to the blogger for the test by the vsexshop store.