How to diversify oral sex?

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Online retail boutique “50 Shades” has prepared a selection of tools that can diversify oral sex in couples.


Text: Elena Aksyonova (50 Shades)

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How to diversify oral sex? If everything is more or less clear with edible lubricants, then little is known about other products for oral sex.

I'll tell you about 6 variants of decorative cosmetics “with a surprise”.

It will help create the mood “before” and add some spice “in the process”. Apply this makeup before a romantic evening. And make sure your partner knows what exactly is on your lips... Looking at you, his imagination will draw pictures of a hot sequel. Isn't this the best game "before" bed?

Lip gloss for oral sex, 13 ml, Bijoux Indiscrets, Spain

Feature: temperature contrast.

Such a gloss will accentuate the beauty of the lips, adding brightness and volume to them, and will make oral sex incomparably more pleasant due to the combination of warm and cool effects. Adheres well to the lips.

Lip gloss with vibration, 10 ml, Orgie, Brazil-Portugal

Feature: vibration.

When this gloss is applied, the lips have a delicate candy taste and an exciting vibration sensation. It is transmitted to those places on the partner's body that the lips touch. The gloss is absorbed rather quickly. It is important to apply it generously for a pronounced effect.

Balm for oral sex, 10 ml, SLOW SEX by Bijoux Indiscrets, Spain

Feature: friction-reducing film.

This balm nourishes the lips like no other. Moisturized beautiful lips are mega seductive! It can be applied to the lips or directly to the penis. The balm creates a sliding film that reduces friction and helps to achieve smoother movements.

The balm contains the patented molecular formula of Frescolat® which provides a light cooling effect that contrasts with the natural warmth of the mouth.

The next three products will add brightness “in the process”.

Spray for salivation SLOW SEX by Bijoux Indiscrets, Spain

Feature: more saliva.

This spray with citrus scent and malic acid is formulated to improve saliva production during oral sex. Spraying on your tongue will fill your mouth with saliva and allow you to play longer. And the sounds accompanying such wet oral sex, the man will remember for a long time.

Spray for oral sex WOW Orgie, Brazil-Portugal

Feature: temperature contrast.

The unique formula of the spray is based on menthol and eucalyptus extracts. In the process of oral sex, a man feels bright temperature changes. The comfortable, exciting warmth is replaced by menthol coolness, and this enhances his sensations.

Deepthroat spray, Sensuva (USA)

Feature: Relaxes the throat.

The benzocaine spray relieves the sensitivity of the back of the throat, which helps to relax and give the partner deeper oral sex. Almost instant effect. Different tastes.

What's better? What to choose?

There is no definite answer to this question, the products are all very different. In my experience, you should try everything! Only not at the same time, otherwise the partner will have a shock from an overabundance of sensations.